A Day in the Life of News Writing Janiah holloway, lebanon hs

Giovanni Roman concentrates researching his topic of News Writing, "Why studying abroad is for you." "Studying abroad is a cool opportunity to learn new culture, new experiences, and a chance to express yourself."
Working with partners in News Writing, Lila Fierek explains why studying abroad is something she is interested in. "A main issue people think about studying abroad is that it isn't safe enough. One of our speakers talked about how studying abroad IS safe, and it is a main concern."
Concentrating on her screen, Dana Anderson works on her opinion based paper in News Writing.
"My topic was focused on volunteer learning about how I could go to different countries and make a difference there instead of just in my community," for Valerie Basto-Morales. Her topic was "What is service learning studying abroad."
Chris Berryman talks with friends after writing essays about studying abroad. "My main focus for my paper was to recognize the amount of trust it take for a parent to trust a student when it comes to studying abroad."
Morgan Taylor writes her report on the LGBTQ community, and studying abroad, taking extra precautions reviewing the two topics. "Supporting them is something I am really passionate about."
Focusing on the classroom discussion, Lila Fierek learns about more ways high school students are eligible to studying abroad in college.
HSJI students in News Writing take break from their editorial essays by getting together in groups to discuss their favorite parts of the morning lectures.

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