Independent female artist from Tampa, FL. From DJing in Miami to ATL, Curating Art Shows, Hosting Club Events, Singer/ Songwriter, Producer, Fashion Guru, to all around Positive Influence - there is nothing Betty DawL CAN'T do.


*Brief Biography

Her music career started in December of 2012 as a DJ when she bought her first mini turn table to practice as a hobby. By Summer 2013 she was DJing in one of Tampa's most popular clubs CZAR & by Summer 2014 she was DJing Miamis biggest underground Art Installation "The Void Miami".


Although DJing put money in her pocket, Betty's first love is writing. From blogs on Tumblr to 45 Page Word documents, her poetic-psychedelic approach to life was something new to her peers in 2012. Mostly she wrote poetry but it was a matter of time before metaphors turned to music. She began playing around with Garage Band, recording herself through a USB microphone and dropping what she called "The Garage Band Diaries" on SOUNDCLOUD. She wasn't taking music seriously at the time it was more for herself. She was using Soundcloud as her "Sound Diary." She describes her sound as, "Astral" - connecting the Spiritual to the Physical. Words about how psychedelics changed her life for the better and encrouages her audience to "open their mind" and experiment with the possibility of new perception.

Some Void Miami Flyers
Miami 2015

Betty began to brand herself through platforms like Instagram and Facebook. She conceived the idea of, "Betty DawL" in 2011 when she created her Instagram account.

"Betty DawL is the idea of a woman who doesn't have to be 'perfect' she is the woman who is free, the woman who is herself, the woman who exceeds all expectations. She is not the Barbie Doll but the Betty DawL- never the clone... rather the individual." -Betty DawL

Betty began to post looks on her Instagram to inspire this lifestyle of "being whoever you want to be". She became known in Florida to have a unique and inspirational style. She also influenced many others to embrace their own freedom to wear whatever they want.

"One day I decided that I love Halloween too much to only dress crazy one day of the year, So I made it a lifestyle." -Betty dawL
Miami 2016

With her iconic look & aesthetically pleasing persona, Betty has built an organic following on Instagram. She is known for posting pictures with inspiring quotes about life, unity, being kind to others, & even her own personal struggles - the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly.

"Its fake to only let the world see when life is 'perfect' - life isn't always easy - we all struggle. I think its powerful to embrace that and share it with others so they don't feel like they're going through it alone" -Betty DawL

With her father passing when she was 10 to getting arrested at 14 then attending out of state programs at 15, graduating high school at 16 then her mother passing at 17, Betty believes life is preparing her for something huge in this world. She opens up about her past, struggling with addiction and how the power of spirituality saved her from drowning in substance.

Tampa 2017
"The internet can make anyones life seem seamless- but reality is far from it. I've been homeless, broke, in unhealthy relationships, addicted to drugs, sexually abused, - you name it . THAT is why it is important for me to be a voice for this generation. It's HARD transitioning from teen to adult - I wanna be the one the youth will look up to as an inspiration - that they too can get through ANYTHING in life" -Betty DawL

Beginning of Music Career 2013-2014

After her Soundcloud experiments, Betty decided to put together her first mixtape. This project was called "Poetic Resume" released on November 11, 2014. Most of these songs were recorded in her room on Garage Band - Although the sound quality was poor, this project showed her lyrical potential & vulnerability.


She was one of the many pioneers of the underground Tampa Music Scene. In 2014, it was hard to get booked for shows so she decided to throw her own shows. Being known for her infamous house parties & a cool bartender at the biggest club in Tampa, it wasn't hard to bring people out. She packed out the basement at The Social in Ybor nearly hitting the venue's capacity. Her performance included a guest saxophone interlude with an outfit change to end the night with her most popular track at the time "SAVVY MICROSOFT WORD SHAWTY." The crowd went wild. Betty brought out her confetti poppers and made it a point to always have an insane stage presence.

2014 Betty DawL Show

2014 Perfomance at The Social

"It was my first time ever performing. Vocally not my best - I've never had any singing lessons or any musical lessons really. All I had were my emotions, my words, and most importantly the people who believed in me. It was the first time I felt my power - My energy controlled the whole room. To be girl and influence everyone to mosh to your stuff...it's incredible to break that barrier and just rage to rage." -Betty DawL

In 2014, Betty released her first music video "Saudade." A 'short film' like video where she opens up about her trust issues in relationships, the pain of feeling alone after her loss, and her drug addictions she used to mask this pain. Creative directed by the young DawL herself and shot by Pablo Vasquez, the two won an award for "Best Music Video" in 2014 from the well known Florida blog, Mieux Magazine.


TRAPFONE / 2014 - Present



Summer 2014, Betty DawL & Jordan Patrick met during another artist's studio session. She insisted they work together. They eventually collabed on their first track which was "The Outro" on "Poetic Resume" and have been working together ever since.

"Jordan is amazing. His sound inspires me to write concepts out of my comfort zone. The chords influence me to make melodies beyond my imagination. I begged him for a beat - I told him to send me a throw away and I'll have bars on it in 24hrs. I recored it on my voice memo, texted it to him - and the next week we were in the studio laying it down." -Betty DawL

Christmas break the two spent every day together making music. Somedays they would make two songs in one day, recording & mixing them all at Betty's house. Their first song as TRAPFONE was "Even Tho" followed by internet hit "2003".

"I noticed often in this industry, producers don't get the credit they deserve. I threw out the idea of being a duo and Jordan was totally down. We both put in work so we both deserve to be equally acknowledged. " -Betty DawL

In 2015, the duo filled their Soundcloud with fun covers and even a music video to build up the hype for their Summer release "PROB JUZ SUM SHAPES".

People were automatically connected to the sound and wanted more. The duo had shows in Tampa, St Pete and Miami almost every other weekend.

"Prob Juz Sum Shapes" released on June 11, 2015 on Soundcloud.


Shortly after the duo dropped their June project, they released "Breathe" in July. An experiment with a meditation type track to encourage the importance of breath.

"It was honestly a reflection of how I had been feeling. Emotionally a lot going on and truly just needed some space for myself. You can totally hear it in my voice, I was ready for some ME time. The Summers are like that for me, I'd rather be in the mountains reading a book or working on music with no wifi." - Betty DawL

The duo continued to have lots of shows after their release, opening up for festivals like Take of Landing, Rock The Park in Tampa, Wine & Rhyme, & later in the year opening up for AlunaGeorge.

TRAPFONE with AlunaGeorge 2016
"I was in bed with a 102 fever when I got the phone call to open up for Aluna - I was dead, but as an artist I knew how important this opportunity was. It was also 5 hours before the show - so Jordan & I had no rehearsal. We showed up and showed out - no excuses. If you make excuses, you really don't want it as bad as you say you want it. " -Betty DawL

In 2016, they began to work on their second project & released the hit "Sauce" on Soundcloud. The love for "Sauce" was huge and fans were begging for more. The bouncy track gave Betty a chance to showcase her wordplay and showed the fans not only could she be melodic but also spit some bars.

"Jordan was in school full time & I was working two jobs and teaching myself how to produce my own beats. It was hard for us to link for a couple months but it was good because we were both still working on our own sound. Taking a break to live life is how you write / create the best stuff. There is nothing to write about if you're not experiencing life." - Betty DawL

They were focused on creating a bigger and better sound so the duo stayed quiet until Spring 2017 when they released a video for "2003". The video showcased the fun bubbly sound of TRAPFONE .

"I am a woman and I love women, so yes I load my videos with women. Women having fun with eachother, showing their innocence/ their inner light, and being free. I support ANY and ALL women - that is the point. I don't believe in comparisons or competition - we are all our unique selves." -Betty DawL

The end of Summer 2017, the Duo dropped a bubbly new track "RIPE" and announced their Sophomore project "Endorphin."

"By August, I was more than ready to release our new project. We were working for 2 years, It was time." - Betty DawL

On September 26th, the duo released "Endorphin" - available on ALL platforms.

"Endorphin" available on Apple Music & Spoitfy
"Endorphin felt like the perfect name because the project focuses on a "feel good" approach. The music we make creates a feeling in the room." -Betty DawL

Betty DawL, the Producer (2016 - Present)

Betty's home studio in Tampa, FL 2017

In January 2016, Betty DawL bought the Native Instruments MACHINE and began to experiment with her own sound. By Spring, she was already getting booked for live performances including SXSW in March for the Distortedd Art Show.

Distortedd SXSW
"It's really fun to work with other producers, but eventually you want to challenge yourself. Once I started producing, I couldn't stop. It was like I reached a whole new level of emotion I couldn't get out with words. I think every artist should try any and all mediums of their craft. Possibilities for everyone are endless." -Betty DawL

Summer 2016, she created "The Dawllulabies Experience" - A cellphone free meditation in an intimate-private location with 20 RSVP listeners. The project was never released - but a memory the audience will keep in their heart forever.

Dawlullabies 2016
"It was something special, it was more than a "beat show." It was a healing experience. I finally left an abusive relationship that was destroying me. I never felt so much hate for myself. When someone you "love" breaks you down with words almost every other day, you start to lose yourself- & I definitely did. I was making beats throughout this whole relationship, and by the end the sounds were so sad you could hear it in the beat - I was broken. Then I left the relationship & made new music. Free Woman music - and that was the story I told through my beats. Love - Abuse - Heartbreak - & Rebirth." -Betty DawL

The experience included goody bags for each individual listener with crystals, inspiring quotes, autographed polaroids, & other cute nicknacks. The night started with a meditation, introduction of every listener to explain what brought them there, full 45 min beat story set, writing assignments, wine, group hugs, & ended with a dance party.

Dawlullabies Polaroids
"It was beautiful, people were crying during the introduction - like they were waiting their whole life to sit in a circle with their peers and FEEL...& that was the point. It was a special night for me too. It was my closure and promise to NEVER allow myself get into a situation like that again. I learned my lessons and I know my worth." -Betty DawL
Beats N Chill 2016

October 2016, Betty showcased her first live show in Tampa at Beats N Chill. She asked everyone to leave the room while she decorated with lights & incense. She created her atmosphere and went hard with a light up furry jacket that left the audience with their jaw on the floor. During the Fall, shows were booked down South from Xavier Wulf to Art Basel .

Betty's Headphone Installation at The Void Miami 2016
"The headphone installation is a favorite concept of mine! I used a headphone splitter to make beats live during an art show at The Void Miami. We made a cute little section with a couch and coloring books so the listener could color how the beat made them feel. Something different and interactive, I would love to do that again." -Betty DawL
Betty DawL opening up for Xavier Wulf Nov 2016
Making beats at Art Basel Pop Up Shop 2016

February 2017, Betty was asked to go on a small tour with Swag Hollywood. She made beats while MilliMisa performed Shibari. She also brought KAYPOTS on tour as her official photographer & Ruby as the beautiful muse being tied up. DJ Henesis is Betty DawL's official tour DJ & she also accompanied the ladies on tour.

"It was my first tour & it was all boys. I didn't have much bread but I drained my savings and brought my girls because its important to show the power of an all women squad" -Betty DawL
DJ Henesis & Betty DawL

She continued to have shows throughout 2017, on top of her other projects which include curating free local art shows . Betty has infinite creativity. She feels her purpose is to give in all ways - through words, music, or presence. She hopes to bring peace and inspiration in any way she can. She has yet to release any self produced music, but believes 2018 will be the beginning of a long, successful career.

"I haven't felt pressed to drop any of my personal stuff yet. I still feel super slept on as an artist but I also realize these things take time. The fans I do have, I created organically through the power of social media but mostly face-to-face interactions. The hard drive is stacked with 30+ self produced songs with full lyrics and concepts. I'm not worried about product at this point - I'm concerned with getting myself and TRAPFONE out there and THEN getting into a professional studio to master my personal tracks. I need my stuff to sonically blow people away." -Betty DawL

Art Show Curator


On top of it all, Betty began curating art shows in Fall of 2015. Her first Art Installation was called "CINQ" - She describes the show as "Color Therapy: Sensory Stimulation." Every month is represented by a different color - that color would be expressed by sound, smell, sight, taste, and touch - The five senses. She booked different visual artists, live bands, and DJ's based on their style to represent the night. She held the art show at a popular restaurant in Downtown Tampa called Anise. The bartenders created 3 craft cocktails to compliment the color and aroma that filled the venue. A section of the restaurant provided empty tables with paint and colored pencils for people to drink, color, and meet new people. She even flew out artists from other cities to introduce people to new art and show the out of town artists how cool the Tampa art community is. Every show was free entry and all ages.

"I like to bring people together in every way. Unity is like...the key to life. I was known for throwing crazy house parties but I wanted to do something that wasn't completely about getting wasted. Coloring is a perfect way to break the ice - it was so cute to see "adults" all mingling and coloring together." - Betty DawL


October - Purple, November - Orange , January - Blue , February - Pink ( All Girl installation ) , April - Green , July - Rainbow ( Pulse Fundraiser ) - Flyers made by: Julian Lyle
"All investments were out of pocket from working two jobs. Since the shows were free, I didn't make as much as I put in but at the time I really didn't mind. I had a vision and wanted to bring it to life." -Betty DawL

February 2017, Betty returned with another art show on Valentines Day. The show was called "Universal Love" to promote a day of loving self and others not just Love within relationships. This was a spin off of CINQ, representing Red. The venue changed to The Bricks which allowed Betty to decorate more and personalize the space the way she desired.

CINQ - RED - Flyer : Ethan Punal
"I like to give concepts because then it becomes personal. Its not just random, you give the artist purpose and more than likely take them out of their comfort zone. Living out of our comfort zone makes room for excellence because you're not attached to one idea or one way of doing something." - Betty DawL

June 2017, She threw her latest art show "Spectrum." The concept was completely different than CINQ. She assigned two emotions to the selected artists - 15 different artists - 30 different emotions. The emotions were picked out of two separate hats - "negative" & "positive" to represent the beauty of the Yin Yang world we live in. The artists were assigned their emotions a month before hand and also assigned artist statements to explain the piece and how they have faced those emotions in their personal life.

"Spectrum" June 2017 - Flyer : Ethan Punal
"Spectrum was a favorite. A lot of people came out - and it was an all around beautiful night. Thats all I could ask out of an art show - Lots of people and Lots of fun. Ofcourse DJ Henesis shut it down, & we had an epic dance party after midnight. It was LOVE." -Betty DawL

Betty lives in an art mansion in Ybor City (a district in Tampa, Florida) with 9 people, 5 cats, and a pup. She built a studio in her room where she spends most of her time creating.

Betty's home Studio

She lives with some super talented women that she refers to as her family. Their force is unstoppable and they make an amazing team. From MilliMisa's creative direction to KayPots effortless photography - The are an incredible trio.

Some of Kay's Work - 2017
Some of Milli's Work

Contact Information


Some Events Betty has Performed At

The Image

A quick timeline of looks throughout the years.

"Style is not about WHAT YOU OWN or HOW MUCH it cost you. Style is about who you are inside and what you do with what you have to express how you feel. Somedays I'm Blue, other days...I'm a Prism." - Betty DawL"




One of my ultimate dreams is to be made into a cartoon character, I could sit in a studio all day saying funny things in goofy accents. Putting a look together, I imagine myself as a cartoon - colorful and infinite" -Betty DawL


In Summer 2015 Betty DawL began her point to always have crazy wigs for her 'TRAPFONE' performances .



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