Troubled Friends By Sophia Wang

Ssssssss… As the hissing sound faded away into the scorching hot distance, the three young witches started their day.

“Hey, let’s build a garden since we don’t have a place to hangout and have afternoon tea,” Bobby, an optimistic witch suggested with excitement, “It’ll look great! Just think about how many things we could do in the garden together!”

Phya, the wise one, thought about this idea and replied, “That’s not a bad idea. Not a bad idea at all! But we’ll have to measure how big it will be and where the gate will be.”

“Okay! Let’s start,” Suzie, another witch, who interrupted, walking out of their house, a rather large igloo.

It was built to be insulated during the winter and able to withstand the blazing heat during the summer. Where they lived, Freezing Mountain, was supposed to be all cold, icy, and wintery, but for some mysterious reason, the climate had been extraordinary. It’s like summer here! Blazing sun shone down at the Freezing Mountain, no sign of winter showed.

“Wait, did you feel that?” Phya asked the witches, “Is it just me or did you feel that wave of heat?”

“Now that you mention it, yes,” Bobby responded as he stopped working on the garden. He looked up to the sky, thinking of that weird wave. Then went back to work, throwing his thoughts behind his head.

After six hours of designing and construction, the garden finally came into sight. A mini green heaven sprinkled with crystal-like flowers, very pleasing to the eyes. Although the flowers are made of crystal-clear ice pedals, they still diffused a fresh scent of wild poppy in the summer time. Then a sudden wave of heat struck the mountains and everything started dripping, deforming their own natural shapes.

“Am I going crazy, or is the mountain really melting?” Suzie stared at the crooked mountain in shock.

“You’re not crazy. We need to pack our bags before the whole mountain collapses on us!” Phya said as she hurried into the igloo and started packing.

The next thing they knew, they were making their way to the only way out of Freezing Mountain, Forest of the Lost Souls...

“Umm...guys, what if we get lost? Are we going to die here? Oh man...” Bobby stuttered.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine. Come on, let’s go,” Phya reassured him as she continued to lead the group.

They finally made their way to what seemed like an exit. A rusty gate strangled by vines that were as thick as human arms. Behind the gate was a mysterious portal. It looked like a whole new dimension. A thin layer of light covered the surface of it, shining mysteriously.

“Where are we? Should we go in?” Suzie asked as she looked around the gate fearfully.

“Either I go in to see if it’s safe or we all go,” Phya suggested.

“That’s way too dangerous. We don’t want to lose you. Let’s all go in, I have no regrets. It’s been great living with you guys,” Bobby interjected.

“Alright,” Phya said, “We all dash in on the count of three. One, two, three!”

They dashed through a whole new world, felt funky like never before. They went up and down, side to side, sometimes even wobbled sideways. After what seemed like five minutes of madness, they found themselves outside of the forest. On the edge of the forest, there was a minute tree house. It was sitting on an enormous tree that seemed like it was a thousand years old, but was still strong and sturdy. Inside was a wise elder tree witch.

“Girls, are you looking for a place to settle?” the elder witch asked as she walked out of the darkness.

“Yes we are. Our home just melted and we just escaped that forest,” Phya replied.

“Your home was melting because of the Lake of Flame. It’s overheating and the scorching sun made the heat wave even worse, causing the surrounding areas to melt. Maybe the fire witch was very upset, who knows.”

“Oh, that’s why. Thank you.” Phya answered.

“If you want, there’s a small patch of land right over there for you to settle in if you want,” the elderly wise woman offered as she pointed towards the north.

“Yes please! Thank you!”

They went to their new home, the Icee Kingdom. There, they built an ice palace and designed a brand new garden. The palace was crystal-like and had tiny fairy sparks sprinkled all over it. Afterwards, their friendship bonded stronger and they took a selfie in front of their new home to keep this piece of memory.

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