Introduction to the Learning Designer (BETA Version)

The Learning Designer suite of tools enables teachers to share their good teaching ideas. It is intended to help a subject teacher see how a particular pedagogic approach can be migrated successfully across different topics.

  • There are sample patterns to browse and edit, or you can design your own from scratch.
  • ‘Browser' offers a collection of pedagogical patterns, which you can redesign for your own teaching practice.
  • ‘Designer' presents the pedagogical pattern template to help you describe your own teaching idea for a session (e.g. student preparation, class activities and homework).
Login to Learning Designer webpage using the link below

If you don't have an account, use the button at the bottom to register for an account

Create an account by filling up the necessary information
You will be at the home screen. Take note it's at a beta stage. For this exercise, we'll explore how to enhance current design.
Select from curated designs or from the education sector

There are some designs for you to choose from. For this instance, I'll be selecting Education sector

Select from a wide range of learning designs from the Education sector

Within the Education Sector, there are a few sections to choose from. For this instance, I'll select Suitable for Higher Education


For this exercise, I'll select Marvelous PPT Presentations in HE(final) for demonstration purposes

We'll take a look at the various options available

The top section discusses what the activity and lesson comprises of. It also describes the aim and outcomes the activity aims to achieve.

The bottom section of the lesson design

Take a look at how the lesson flows in the entire design. Following the pie chart and its colour code indication. It explains to the educator the learning process that will occur to the student.

For example!

  • the light blue(cyan) section indicates knowledge acquisition through reading.
  • The yellow(mustard) section indicates collaboration sections for students and how it can be incorporated.
Export Design section

You are also able to export design for your own customisation or your document reference.

Enhancing the lesson design

Turn editing on functionality is possible

Turn editing on to customise the existing lesson template for your own use

Editable fields for customisation

All segments are editable through the website. Feel free to edit to suit your personal teaching needs

Lesson designs are broken down for easy editing

Edit the lesson design to suit your needs. You can also add files, attachments and notes to the existing lesson design for better reference.

Save functionalities are available on this website

Save the lesson design that you have edited. You can also export it as a Microsoft Word file.


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