Event One 4th Century INDIGENOUS San and khoikhoi

" The San and Khoikhoi are two of South Africa's native tribes. The San were hunters while the Khoikhoi were pastoral herders. The Khoikhoi were the first to come into contact with the Dutch and given the nickname " Bushmen. " Today they are know as the Khoisan and are still domestic herders. "

Event Two- 1910 Formation of Union of South Africa by British Colonies

In May 1910, Louis Botha became the prime minister Union of South Africa as Jan Smuts became his deputy.

Event three- 1912 African National Congress Founded

In 1912 a nonviolent civil rights organization that worked to promote the interests of Black Africans. With mostly middle-class constituency, the ANC stressed constitutional means of change through the use of delegations, petitions, and peaceful protest.

Event four- 1948 National Party gains control, Apartheid adopted

On May 26 1948 was when the general election took place and it was decided by the White population so some blacks like the Bantu can't have the right to vote. By the 29 of March in 1948 Dr. Malan had the decision to make a speech that projected apartheid.

Event five- 1950 Population classified by race, Nelson Mandela begins civil disobedience

By January a crowd of Blacks attacked another black policeman attempting to arrest an African civilian allegedly and the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) attacks the African National Congress (ANC). By June was the approval of illegal to the South African Communist Party and an official public holiday known as the Freedom Day.

Event Six- 1964 ANC Leader Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment

By June of 1964 Nelson Mandela had his argument of political protest which led him to life imprisonment at Rivanna Trial. As Nelson Mandela enter his path he declares the difference of solving conflicts with violence and non-violence that the one solving with violence are just seeking justice with violent methods instead of bravery.

Event seven- 1994 ANC wins elections, Mandela becomes President

By the 9th of May in 1994 was when Nelson Mandela has taken the led to become the President with Thabo Mbeki being the deputy leader of the ANC. By November President Nelson Mandela was passed by the Restitution of Land Rights Bill and signed a law.

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