Reflective Introduction

I’m Alex Smith, a freshman here at Clemson University. I’m currently a Pre-Business major with the intentions of going into Management with a potential minor in Sports Communication. Last semester, I didn’t perform very well at all and ended with a GPA of 1.86. Not the worst GPA, but definitely not good by a long shot. I spent a lot of time meeting people instead of focusing on academics. At the end of the semester, I realized that I had four whole years to meet people at Clemson, but only if I had the grades to stay in and keep my scholarships. However, there were too many bad grades that I’d accumulated throughout the term for me to really salvage it, landing me in CU1010 with the hopes of boosting my GPA.

This semester, I’ve taken some of the tips and study skills provided by the CU1010 class, such as group quizzing, meeting with professors, and using the 5-day study method. Using these techniques have significantly boosted my outlook when it comes to taking tests, making me feel more confident and prepared. While I haven’t made perfect grades, when I do use my resources provided to me by the university, I do perform significantly better than when I neglect them. Another major struggle I had to overcome this semester came in my lack of time-management. While I can buckle down and get projects done, I usually end up starting the project and then leaving it alone until the week it’s due. I hope to be able to work on this in my academic career’s future endeavors.


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