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A fact about the Frontier Conflicts

The Australian frontier wars were a series of conflicts that were fought between indigenous Australian and mainly british settlers that spanned a total of 146 years. The first fighting took place several months after the first fleet in January 1788 and the last clashes occurred as lat as 1934 .

Britain vs Australia

The gold rush

During the Australian gold rushes significant numbers of workers relocated to areas which gold had been found . A number of gold finds occurred in Australia prior to 1861 but only the gold found from 1851 onwards creating gold rushes.

Inquiry questions

Who settled in wa

Captain Charles Fremantle

In 1829 Captian Charles Fremantle was the first to settle in the swan river colony. The first migrants were mainly retired servicemen on half pay and professional men with there families. The colony FAILED!!!. Young delinquents known as the Pankhurst boys got sent to the swan river colony. The population was further enchanced between 1850-1868 when convicts were sent to the colony.

Why did they settle WA

Albany was the first European settlement established in Western Australia. It was settled three years before the swan river colony was claimed in 1829. The swan river settlement was later named Perth and became Western Australia's capital city

Why did WA develop

The colony developed because the government could not afford to take the people who wanted to leave so the people had to stay here.

My primary source

These are some world war 1 images

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