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You know sometimes you think everything is okay and then something come along and turns it upside down, inside out. Well that is my life and many others every day. Most people don't notice what is happening because we all have smiles on our faces and we have learned not to show people what is in our minds haunting us. Honestly I don't think I would serve everything that is thrown my way without the help of my friends. One of them knows how I am feeling even when I don't realize it myself. She is always there for me whenever I need her. She is just like 60% of us around the world who think they can survive by keeping everything bottled up inside, but there is one thing I have realized from all the things I have bottled up. Over time it starts to get shaken, shaken so much that it erupts and everything you bottled up comes spilling out and sometimes it is all turned to one person. Someone who doesn't do anything wrong, they were just there at the wrong time. We have all done it at one time or another and we then feel guilty about hurting that person. I can give you an example. I was already having a bad day and this girl I used to be good friends with decided she would start things with me and I had already had a horrible day before all her drama, but She mad me so mad that I not only went off on her but I went off on one of my good friends who she was borrowing his phone so she could do this. I lost a good friend that day and I was devastated because I had and still do care for him. After literally months of not talking I finally apologized to the girl and she went off on me again and about a month after that I finally apologized to my friend and we have finally worked things out. We can finally be in the same area and not have an awkward kind of air around us. Life is short, it goes by so fast that you don't even realize it. Don't spend what time you have on this earth be a terrible one. If anyone ever needs to talk, I am always here with a helpful hand and an ear to listen well read your problems. the star is out.

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