january 2020

Volume 5, Number 1

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

I think good dreaming is what leads to good photographs―Wayne Miller

executive time

Angela Andrieux

I’m excited to be taking over as the president of Darkroomers this year. For those of you who might not know me well, I first joined the club back in 2013 and was Club Treasurer from 2014 up until I moved out of state in 2015.

I joined camera clubs in my new locale, but none were the caliber of Darkroomers. I missed the friendships, learning opportunities, and monthly critiques that pushed me to become a better photographer. In 2019 I moved back to the San Diego and was eager to once again be a Darkroomer!

When I was approached to consider taking on the role of president in 2020, my initial reaction was that of skepticism. It is a lot of responsibility and a time consuming job but, ultimately, I accepted because I believe in what this club has to offer and I want to see it flourish.

I am confident that 2020 will be a great year for Darkroomers―mostly because I have a great team! Lisa Miller (Secretary), Dave Ciha (Treasurer), and Jeff Booher (Past President) are exceptional people to work with and I know that our combined efforts will keep the club running smoothly.

I am in search of a Vice President. As you should already know, Vice President is the most important office in the club. The Veep is responsible for getting the judges for our monthly exhibitions so it takes a special kind of person to do the job. The job requires someone who is dialed into the photographic community, can establish connections, has strong organization and communication skills, and is steadfast in getting judges to come jury our work. If you’re up to the task please let us know!

I also want to thank Jeff for the tireless efforts he gave to the club over the past several years. It wouldn’t be what it is today without him. I am especially happy that he remains on the board of directors as Past President―his knowledge of the club far supasses mine, and his leadership and voice will be an invaluable presence on the board as the club continues to move forward. He has led the club well, and I will do my best to continue what he has built.

● ● ●

As we begin 2020, please keep in mind that we rely on everyone’s contributions for things like hosting the building, bringing refreshments, and helping out with club activities.

We are looking for people to take on the following roles:

  • Interclub Competition Director
  • Program Director
  • Membership Director

If you are willing to help with anything listed above, please contact me or one of the other board members. You will have our eternal gratitude!

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La Jolla Sunset by Rich Strobel

The club had a fantastic showing for our year end competition―receiving 123 entries into the coveted competition. Unfortunately the Street Scenes and Action & Sports categories needed to be eliminated and images submitted into those categories were reappropriated into the Other category.

● ● ●

The competition takes place on Saturday January 11th in the Photographic Arts Building. All competition stations have been staffed but the club desperately needs a full array of members to come and help clean. You do not need to sign up just show up at 9am and be ready to work!


  • 9A Cleaning Crew Arrives to clean the building. Donuts and Coffee are provided. Also the requisite Presidential cleaning of the toilets. Welcome aboard Angela!
  • 11A Competition Staff Briefing
  • 12P Welcome reception for judges. Drinks and a lunch platter is provided for the crew and judges
  • 12:30P Judges' Briefing
  • 1-4P Competition

● ● ●


Sally Vogt, Ellyn Norris, and Suzanne Hansen

Ellyn norris

Ellyn Norris is a Canadian photographer/educator and resides in San Diego, California. "Elle" has traveled the world extensively to photograph her experiences within different landscapes and cultures. She is drawn to capturing people who have been shaped and influenced by their natural environments. Certain places have resonated with her enough to return to continue her experiences and photography. Iceland has especially captured her heart so spending time there each year has become a perfect balance to her life in Southern California.

Ellyn also gravitates towards Nepal, through its people, culture and nature. She uses her photography to aid the Bo M Karlsson Foundation in Kathmandu, a charity that provides scholarships to Nepalese women, where less than 3% are able to complete high school. Ellyn recently took on location portraits of the scholarship recipients. In 2017, Ellyn became one of the foundation's "artistes", and created a gallery on her website that directs the photo profits to the scholarship fund. Both initiatives contribute to the charity's funds.

Suzanne Hansen Ofeldt

For more than ten years, Suzanne has wandered the globe to capture the spirit of people through engaging portrait, wedding and travel photography. She is a lifelong student of sociology and graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. By combining people with her passion for travel and photography, Suzanne delivers more natural, personal and always engaging images. Through the eye of her lens, she has captured the people who color her life’s work. Through her own eyes, she sees the personalities and landscapes that fill her life with love and laughter.

By combining people with her passion for travel and photography, Suzanne delivers more natural, personal and always engaging images. Suzanne started her own boutique agency, She Wanders, so that people would not have to sacrifice peace of mind when preparing for their wedding or special event.

sally ries vogt

German born architect Mies van der Rohe once said “God is in the details.” As a photographer and designer, Sally is in constant search of those visual moments and details which give meaning and excitement to the everyday world. Seeing, rather than photographing, is her passion and she enjoys these moments with or without a camera. Sally makes these observations whether sitting in a room, riding in a car or exploring the great outdoors. She does it consciously and unconsciously. Her greatest joy comes from the visual stimulation which exists as much in the mundane as in the grand. It is in the nuances of light, pattern, color, gesture, proportion and form that she finds her entertainment.

The camera is merely a tool to record and share these moments with others

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Programs are what make Darkroomers one of the most exciting clubs to join and we have some of the most diverse programming of any club. Here are some 2020 highlights to look forward to:

  • Saturday January 25th ● On Location: Pacific Southwest Railway Museum in Campo (psrm.org) ● 9A
  • Wednesday January 29th ● New Member Orientation ● Photographic Arts Building (PAB) ● 7P
  • Saturday February 8th ● Matting and Mounting Workshop (hands on) ● Photographic Arts Building (PAB) ● 9A
  • Wednesday March 4th ● Gene Wild: At the Fair ● Photographic Arts Building (PAB) ● 7P
  • Wednesday March 11th―March 15th ● On Location: Joshua Tree
  • June 19th―21st ● On Location: Salton Sea ● Milkyway photography
  • November 11th―November 15 ● On Location: Sedona

We are looking for folks to help organize the overnight trips. If you have experience photographing Salton Sea, Joshua Tree, or Sedona and want to help plan those trips then please let Jeff or Angela know. Darkroomers is staffed by volunteers like you!

● ● ●


Tiki Time

It's Tiki Time as the 2019 Darkroomers Awards Ceremony and Banquet heads to the Tiki Room at the Bali Hai restaurant on Shelter Island. The Tiki room is conveniently located adjacent to the bar so, if you like mai tai's, then you are in for a real treat as the Bali Hai cocktail menu lists 21 tropical cocktails, plus 5 Coladas or Daiquiris... They also feature over 40 different rums from around the world (well mostly from the Caribbean) and 5 frozen cocktails... One of their concoctions has a 2 drink maximum while another comes in a collector's mug to help you remember the event for many years. Maybe...

We expect this year's event to be a little different than in year's past...

This year's event may have more liquor than in previous year's but it will still be a lovely awards ceremony. Don't forget about the coveted Darkroomers door-prizes. Everyone's a winner at the Darkroomers Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony. In previous years we gave away over $1500 in door prizes. It is truly an event not to be missed!

We cannot take online submissions for your RSVP but you can fill in the form online, print it, and bring it along with the money to the next club meeting. The January 15th meeting will be the last day you can RSVP. Please be advised that may need to turn folks away this year as the Tiki room can only accommodate about 30 people so get your RSVP in early. This year a single RSVP is $45. If you want to bring a guest please bring $90.

The event takes place on January 22nd at 6P with a welcome reception from 5-6 at the Bali Hai bar.

The banquet is a good time to celebrate with friends and have a few laughs

● ● ●


Mount Rushmore by Jeff Booher

We begin 2020 with the First Quarter totally Out of Focus. Most of us take at least one out of focus photo a day and now is your chance to make good use of it and we think you will all be winners... But, in case you are just so good that your photos always have sharp, critical focus, there is the camera blur feature in Photoshop or you can just setup for a long exposure, click the shutter and toss your camera onto the bed and see what happens...

Out of Focus is the theme and the competition takes place on April 29th at 7P.

Photos you enter into the Quarterly Competitions must have been taken during the quarter they were entered. This means they must have EXIF data that shows they were taken during 2020...

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Lois Fong-Sakai

Lois is an avid photographer and she loves to be out photographing. She helps produce the International Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego County Fair where she is the assistant coordinator.

Lois is an active member of the PPSDC where she has earned several image competition awards. Her images have also been awarded ribbons in the International Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego County Fair.

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