WATER Scarcity in EGYPT By Aditya Singh, Mrs black

The definition of physical and economic water scarcity

  • The definition of Physical water scarcity is the situation when there is not enough water to meet all demands.
  • The definition of economic scarcity is that countries and people can't afford the infrastructure to supply and store water.

The factors causing water scarcity and pattern of water availability in North Africa?

North Africa
  • The reasons there is water scarcity in North Africa is that the climate in North Africa is dreadful which means there is no water or lack of water in some season and all year round and a lot of rain in a certain period of the year. But some parts of North Africa can't afford to build dams, sewages, rivers etc. which cause water scarcity and they don't have the money to build these infrastructures.

What is the cause of water scarcity in Egypt?

Map of Egypt

The cause of water scarcity in Egypt is the pollution in Africa's longest river;The Nile river which is the main supply of Egypt's water. Egypt's growth in population, Egypt is a big country so they have a large demand of people wanting water. The climate makes the Nile's water level go down which makes the water dirty and polluted.

The Nile river

In Egypt most of the country receive the same rain fall every where and it shows that it Egypt has low rainfall which leads to water scarcity.

How does the environment affect the availability of water in Egypt?

  • 2. Egypt has the longest river in the world going through it so they rely on that water as their main water supply. Sometimes pollution affects the hygiene of the water.

What problems does this water scarcity cause for people,places and environment in Egypt?

3. The problems that water scarcity and arcity are causes are that people are in dehydration, people need to run their businesses, farms etc. Animals need water and crops need water. Egypt is a big country so it's demand a lot of water for daily uses and other reasons.


Climate graphs

These graphs clearly show why, through a combination of high temperatures and low rainfall.

What is the currently being done to lessen the impact of water scarcity in Egypt?

  • Egypt are trying stopping dumping into the Nile river ( their main water supply) to lessen the impact of water scarcity. Egypt are trying to control there population because as predicted it could reach up to 120 to 150 million people. Egypt is trying to plan ahead and build more bigger and higher dams , rivers lakes etc, telling people to help stop pollution, encourage people to save more water and store more water.


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