Magnus Chase and the Goss of Asgard;The Hammer of Thor Quarter 2 BooK Project

If you liked Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard; The Sword of Summer then you will like Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard; The Hammer of Thor

Why you should read it

  • It has familiar characters from other Rick record on story's in it
  • It actions packed and you don't know what will happen next
  • It is the second book in the series
  • You will never want to put it down
  • The suspense just keeps building
  • Good book to spend your day reading
  • So many cliff hangers
  • You can clearly visualize the story
The nine worlds of the setting

Asgard home of the Gods

Helheim home of the ungrateful dead

Alfheim home of the Elfs

Muspellheim home of fire Giants and Demons

Midgard home of the humans

Vanaheim home of the Vanir

Jotunheim home of the Giants

Niflheim world ice, fog and mist

Nidavelliar home of the dwarfs


  • Characters, Magnus, Thor, Argun, Blitzon, Samira, Loki, Randolph, Hearthstone
  • Author Rick Riordan
  • Series Magnus Chase Gods of Asgard
  • Setting the nine worlds Asgard, Midgard, Niflheim, Muspellheim, Alfheim, Vanaheim, Jotunheim, Nidavelliar and Helheim
  • Genre Fiction


  • Plot
  • Character Alex


This story was about Magnus Chase who's mom died and never knew who his Dad was. He was homeless for years till his uncle finds him. He does he says he has to find a sword that rightfully belongs to him. When he is finding his sword an evil fire Giant comes and kills him. He goes to Valhalla and becomes and Einherji warriors of Oden preparing for Ragnarok or the end of the world as we know it. Everything at Valhalla is to the death and Magnus was very shocked. Later that evening at dinner he finds out who his dad is. Magnus Chase is the son of Frey God of Healing and everyone is shocked. Frey's children aren't supposed to go to Valhalla. During his first night his friends Hearthstone and Blitzon from when he was homeless. He finds out Blitzon is from Nidavelliar and is a dwarf. Hearthstone is a Elf from Alfheim. He finds out that Ragnarok might start. So they go and find Samira his Valkery who took him to Valhalla on floor Nine-teen. Then they go to Nidavellir to get a rope to retie Fennris wolf and delay Ragnarok for longer. They have to go through a competition where he has to build three things. Their are no rules exept that who ever looses gets their head chopped off. Blitzon wins by Samira who we find out is a son of Loki turns into a horse fly and destroys all of the competitors inventions. They manage to find the rope and then they have to go to Fenris to retie him before he escapes and starts Ragnarok. When they get there all of the Giants and goblens they all have to fight them off and barely escaped with their lives. They end up all getting rewards from Oden.

In the the second book they have all had some rest and they find out that Samira has to marry an evil earth giant to get back Thor's hammer and stop Ragnarok. Before Magnus can find out some of the details Samira has to find a soul and bring it to Valhalla. Suddenly the goat they were talking to was killed. They don't find out who they were. They go back to Valhalla and find out the soul they got was a gender fluid child of Loki that is a shape shifter. Samira is not exited at all to have a sibling. They have to go meet Blitzon and Hearthstone in a cave where they have a lead. Loki and Magnus's evil uncle Randolph are their and stab Blitzon with a sword that can never be healed without a stone. They decide to turn him into stone so they can take him to Hearthstones fathers house who he had a horrible relationship with and has not seen in years. He has to pay a huge debt to her father for not hearing when his brother was taken because he is def. they steal a treasure and give it to his Dad, but it is cursed and it makes him go insane. After words the go to Jotunheim to get the information on here the hammer is. Tens find out that in order to get the hammer they have to get married and stay married for one day. This disgusts Samira and Alex says she will get married for her. They have a plan that Einherji and Gods will come in and stop Loki from getting free and get the hammer back. They are going through with the wedding and Loki get free before the gods come in and stop him. No one is freaking out and the couple people that are were very confused. They end up not knowing what will happen and leave it on a huge cliffhanger.

Opinion of Books

I think that both of these books were some of the best stories I have ever read. They were heartwarming, dangerouse and exiting. My favorite of the two was the first book in the series, becuase it had more action and suspense, and if you looked away and lost your place something new would have happened that you didn't expect. I also liked it because there was a lot of detail and the writer had to described everything well, making it easy to imagine. That is my favorite part of a good book. Over all, these two books were very interesting and I loved both of them, but I have to say I enjoyed reading the first book in the series more.

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