Period 3 Ratnagiri GoKart

This was our basic sketch of our initial designs including the braking mechanism in the bottom left corner.
The next thing we did was formulate our Lowes List so that we could get parts that we needed.

We next proceeded to take apart the bikes that we brought in.

We were having problems with the inner tube of one of our wheels so we had to insert another inner tube into the wheel.

After this, we started to work on our onshape parts and assembly.

This was our early design which we changed a lot by the time we made our assembly.

This was the part that I made which was the seat rest that snap fit between the back sides.

As we were doing this, we marked out our base on our piece of plywood with tape.

This is our assembly that I helped to create from the parts of that our whole group made.

We then moved on to our VCarve file which we were successfully able to create and fit everything onto. This was somewhat of a struggle because we were tight for room so we had to move the base and front wheel frame all the way to the sides.

We then had to pre-drill the holes for the screws before we could print out file on the ShopBot.

The next day we were able to print on the ShopBot.
After printing on the shopBot, we snapped our seat together and began to attach the wheels.
We encountered a problem with our steering because we hadn't left enough space to turn, so we had to re-drill our holes in the base and front-wheel frame.
We then spent a couple of days mounting our wheels both in the front back.
Surya and I then started to work on our motor drive system which we are using a bike chain for.

We are now re-doing our motor drive system in order to mount the drill above the wheel and fix the problem of the bent axle.

We started to work on our braking system which was a bike brake mounted next to the wheel

the brake wire runs under the seat
This shows our steering wheel and steering system which is controlled by strings that run under the car
This picture shows our pedal that we used for throttle which has a string tied to it that runs under the car to the drill.

We were ready to test and we did that but had to come back in to make adjustments such as to our drill mount and motor drive system

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Abhinav Ratnagiri

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