The War in your Living Room By sean Veto

The Vietnamese had very strong believes of how people like the Americans where interfering when we thought we were just helping out, When we figured out that France upped and bailed we decided to act as a police force around the country as peace keepers of sorts but the vietmanese people didn't see it that way and attacked using gorila tactics where you use the enviroment to your advantage to attack an enemy who doesn't know the area. The rule of thumb for the U.S army, was not to trust anyone: Men, Women, and Children can't be trusted.

While also dealing with radical terrorist of Vietnam the U.S did everything they could to help the people of Vietnam

While the fight was happening at Vietnam, the people of America where just watching and some people decided to ask for peace, multiple people had many diffrent ways of exprecing their distaste for the "Military Action" in Vieitnam and they just wanted their soldiers back. One of the many ways that people decided to express themselves on the topic was through music. Many diffrent artist came about through music and many already well known artist like John Lennon who made a song called "Give Peace a Chance"


Created with images by manhhai - "Vietnam War 1972 - Photo by Bruno Barbey" • manhhai - "Dawn patrol - Soldiers are pictured here on an early morning mission outside a support base in the field" • manhhai - "Vietnam War 1972 - Photo by A. Abbas - Route 13, North of Saigon" • bazzadarambler - "John Lennon in Meyrick Park, Bournemouth." • StatueLibrtyNPS - "1971"

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