Native Americans By: Brian GUadarrama


I am Brian apart of the Sioux tribe, being a part of the Sioux tribe isn’t just a group it’s a family we fight for each other in every way possible. Our tribe hasn’t had any problems before we fight for survival and think of land as free not as something you own. Recently we have been experiencing many difficulties with different beliefs of land ownership, Native American citizenship, and broken promises made to us by the US Government. We will not leave our tribes to become American Citizens to own just a small piece of land. Every day as of now we have been terrified to know the US Government does not want Native Americans to contribute with tribes.

Sioux Family

Sioux Beliefs

We believe land is not meant to be owned someone should not be able to draw a line of boundaries. We protect our land and settle where we’d like we welcomed the white settlers, we believed that it was only right to share. The white settlers soon took advantage of our warm welcomes. Us Native Americans were forced to leave our tribes in order to become citizens, we did not have the act to vote because the right to vote was governed by the state. To be citizens we would be forced to suffer poverty, discrimination, and they destroyed our culture and society. The US government rarely completed their side of agreements the Native American reservations was a small land the white settlers would take advantage of they would soon demand more and more land, the we the Native Americans were angered.


The Dawes act was a solution meant to solve all of the problems between the us the Native Americans and the US Government. The Dawes act that was introduced by Henry Dawes he gave us reservations of land but this caused us to live apart from our tribes. This solution forced us away from our nations and forced assimilation to European cultures. The Native American Assimilation stated that we were born blank, but our surroundings of savagery possesses our language, superstition, and life. The assimilation tried making us “civilized” by trying to teach us that we were less of a man.

Our Land

We the Native Americans need citizenship; we were born in America we are nothing less because we hunt because of our “savagery”. We have the rights to vote we have every right that a “civilized” white citizen has. We have been here for years, and now you want to show up and take our land? We should have total control of our reservations, the main problem is that the land isn’t meant to be owned, but we will accept to live in the reservation. No one will be allowed to come between our land.


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