The Bridges mentoring programme will nurture and grow your talent pipeline, close the gap between junior and senior leadership and build confident and collaborative team members

This programme is managed end to end by us and mentors are sourced from within your own organisation. The programme consists of three vital elements:

Mentoring Circles. Three mentors will support up to six mentees each on their career journey with focused monthly sessions. In the mentoring circles, experience and knowledge is shared, enabling talent to flourish, grow and enhance potential for career goal achievement.

Workshops. In addition to the mentoring circles, mentees attend four live interactive developmental workshops to increase their impact, influencing, resilience and coaching skills.

Coaching calls. To strengthen individual learning, every mentee will have two one-to-one coaching calls with a personal development expert.

”I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your time, effort and motivation. It’s been fantastic and really pushed me. I couldn’t speak highly enough of this programme and what I've gained.” Raja Hamza, OPG
“A fresh clear perspective from the external consultants - the enthusiasm and passion shown by them in their subject area was for me a clear difference on how the message was received.” Satish Pudden, OPG
“I have gained so much knowledge and understanding. Most of all it has taught me about resilience and to never give up striving for your goals no matter how big or small. This has motivated me immensely.” Kasim Tariq, OPG

The programme includes four developmental workshops including our unique Bridges Coaching and Mentoring training.

In addition clients have benefited from:

  • Resilience & emotional intelligence
  • Overcoming self limiting beliefs
  • Personal impact & influencing skills

...and we offer a bespoke package to enable you to provide the most relevant learning journey for your people. Alternative workshops include...

  • Remote working surviving and thriving
  • Embracing change
  • Mitigating unconscious bias
  • Managing crucial conversations
  • Exploring effective teams
  • Presentation skills and storytelling
  • Effective feedback – managing reviews
  • Supporting colleague mental health
  • Succeeding at job interviews

Key benefits for your organisation

Develop new leaders by enabling your senior leaders to discover talent and nurture the pipeline to prepare those people for advancement.

Engage & retain your talent, equip them with skills to navigate their career, adapt to change and protect your organisation from talent flight.

Increase diversity by giving opportunities to people who are underrepresented at senior levels. Building on your inclusive culture will contribute significantly to their development in leadership roles.

Improve organisational culture through collaboration across levels of experience. Increase transparency, recognise valuable contributions and promote a sense of belonging.

Benefits for the individual

Increased exposure to new ideas and different ways of thinking from collaborative peers and an experienced senior leader.

Immerse yourself in developing strengths, learn how to unlock your potential and navigate challenges, leading to improved confidence, performance and effectiveness.

Support with your professional development journey through experiencing what leadership means at any level, developing your mindset and gaining new skills to put into practise immediately.

Increased visibility and recognition within your organisation improving your chances for career advancement.

“Scene Change has added immense value to the content and success of our Bridges Programme. The work we have done together has literally changed the goal posts for our BAME colleagues” Julie Lindsay, Interim Chief Executive Officer, OPG

Evidence of Success

90% "very satisfied" or "satisfied" with the workshops
79% Improved self confidence
47% gained new role or promotion
9 out of 10 average programme rating

Our people

Mairi McHaffie has over 15 years of experience as a personal impact and communications consultant. She has designed and delivered bespoke people development and talent initiatives globally across the sectors and across commercial brands, international law firms, banking and financial institutions, the UK central government and the “Big Four” consultancies. She is founder of the Women into Leadership mentoring programme for the UK Houses of Parliament and specialises in Equality and Inclusion. She is a trained professional actress, BBC television presenter and experiential coach.

Kåre Sivertsen is a corporate training specialist with expertise in design and delivery of bespoke learning and development programmes. He has a passion for developing others with a keen interest in personal impact, presentation coaching, diversity and inclusion. He is an experienced trainer and facilitator who develop others through performance related training and coaching. He is a professionally trained actor and voiceover artist with over 20 years experience and currently works regularly for the BBC.

Next steps

Our priority is to ensure that the Bridges Programme is the right fit for you and your organisation. We will tailor content and collaborate with you to nurture and grow your talent pipeline.

To find out more please contact

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