Thyecosh A Country coNtrolled by chance

Everything inside thyecosh is controlled by chance. Need anything done? Roll a set of dice and the number you get changes how you go about it. Example: I need food for the week. How much am I going to get? Roll a dice, get snake eyes? Well hope you can survive the week without food. Roll a double 6? Enjoy Michelin star food for free throughout the week.

Thyecosh is a more extreme version of a futarchy. A form of government proposed by Robin Hanson.

There are many negatives to this style as there is no cohesion to the decisions as everything is by chance. What happens is hardly ever in the best interest of the public or even the country unless you happen to get lucky on a roll. This is also on occasion a good thing as it creates situations that likely would never happen and so by pure chance massive innovations can occur even though they are very rare.

The laws are formed when a new problem appears, e.g. Guns are created in 1364, chance that people will use these to kill one another, we don't want that, so a law should be formed. Write every possible solution even those which are negative or backwards logic that don't cause bias, for example only a certain set of people get them, then assign a number to each, roll an appropriate number of die, set the law on what is written.

The flag itself was done by random chance, the colours were set by a random number generator with colours set to correspond with each separate colour.

The name "Thyecosh" was also randomised by again using a random number generator set 1-25 for each letter of the alphabet.

Thyecosh is a former country of the Roman Empire. Thyecosh was considered by Emperor Nero to be "his play thing." He formed the countries set of rules in 67 AD, a year before his death. It is commonly thought that Nero planned to flee Rome to the port of Ostia, in fact he was headed towards Thyecosh. That is how most of the premise was set, as he was for the most part crazy he designed this premise.

Thyecosh is a small island off the coast of Italy, it is only 20 miles from Rome. This is how it was so easily taken over by the Roman Empire early on in the countries life.

The law sentencing is also arbitrary, you could get 1 day if you roll high or put to death of if you get snake eyes. This unsuprisingly cuts down petty crimes massively as there is a chance you could be killed for it.

One of the larger dice used for choices with many options. (D 100, 100 sided dice.)

Thyecosh, due to its arbitrary set up, has varying patches of being either highly prosperous or complete poverty. This is due to the job creation and job application process being completely decided by chance. So you might have an engineering prodigy being stuck in retail job for 20+ years meaning the country misses out on huge advancements.

Thyecosh has no leaders, it only has a random draw that picks a person in the country to roll the dice for the next decision. The decisions are "made" by statisticians who calculate the number of different paths for each possible decision. Due to this way of government no one really holds power, and those who do manage to get some form of power eventually lose it on a low roll. Thyecosh uses its own currency which can only be accepted in Thyecosh, it is not Evaluated by other countries due to the random nature of it. The currency is basically only used as a physical representation as the prices of things change for each case due to chance created by dice roll.

Due to Thyecosh's random nature, there is no country remotely close to even close to it.

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