Juliette Gordon Low By kamdyn mahler


Juliette was the fonder of Girl Scout. She was born on October 31, 1860

This is a picture of the town Juliette grew up in, It is called Georgia, Savanah

Here is a video of a Girl Scout talking about Juliette

As a little girl Juliette was called "Dasiy", She was named that from an uncle who had said when he heard she was being born "she'll be a Dasiy"

When Juliette was little she went to a wedding and got a grain of rice stuck in her ear, a year later it became infected she was completely deaf through her ear!

Heroic deeds

Juliette Started and founded Girl Scouts

Juliette meet up with the founder and starter of Boy Scouts and pleaded for the right to create Girl Scouts.

Juliette inspired girls all over the world


Juliette belifed that girls had the same rights as boys (and she was tired of girls sneecking into Boy Scouts)

Juliette thought that girls were awesome and strong

Sadly Juliette died on January 17, 1927 but her legend sill is with us!


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