Illuminating Illusions Penn State University Museum Consortium Member Exhibition


Title: Encapsulated Memories Creator: Amir Aghareb Date: 2019 MDF, PLA 3D printed plastic, Pictorico Premium OHP Transparency Film, Vellum Paper, Ink, LED Lamp Description: We have known, worked, and talked with many people over the course of our lives. We Have formed personal relationships that no longer exist; We carry memories that linger. I believe, for the most part, the experiences we gained from these relationships shape not only who we are, but also most of what we do. “Encapsulated Memories” speaks to my daily challenges of reliving these hurtful, respectful, and joyful memories in life. Source Woskob Family Gallery Rights This image is posted publicly for non-profit educational uses, excluding printed publication. Other uses may not be permitted.