military families have you ever thought of military families

Hello, my name is George Harkins and my project is ways to help military families. I picked this topic because my cousin Evan is deployed in Germany and on active duty. Often we focus on military troops and the soldiers who risk their lives to protect our country. But, have you ever thought about their families? Some ways to support military families are to help keep up their morale, support them financially, and volunteer with local military bases.

Ways to Help Military Families

We owe our wonderful veterans so much for all the sacrifices they make for us. One way you can help is by donating money to their families, especially during the holidays. Some military families are in debt and need help paying bills and buying food to feed their families. This will also help them to be able to buy presents for their children. Another way you can help our veterans is to volunteer your babysitting services. This will help give them a break to go run errands or maybe go to a doctor appointment. Veterans go through many struggles and have to sacrifice a lot. Volunteers can help them through their hard times especially during the holidays. Finally, veterans experience a lot of stress wanting to keep their children safe and healthy at home. The children, on the other hand worry about their parents who are fighting for our country. Lending your support and a being a good listener will help out tremendously.

Local Military Bases

This is what a military base looks like

Have you ever wondered how many supplies military bases need? The first base in need is Letterkenny in Pennsylvania. They could use money to help pay bills. Your contribution will buy needed ammunition they use to protect us. In addition, they could put the money toward paying off the 5 acres of land they purchased to stop hunters and others from coming near their base to stalk them and possibly find out their plans.

Another base you could donate to is Carlisle Barracks in Pennsylvania. They are in need of medicine. Their troops are getting sick rapidly and they are running out of medicine to treat them properly.

Finally, Tobyhanna Army Depot in Pennsylvania is in need of food. Their refrigerators are nearly bare from the snow storm they haven’t been able to get any food. They are living on leftovers. They really need these items.

Current Groups to Support Military Families

There are many organizations that help veterans, and their families, who served in war. One of these organizations is Homes for Troops, which provides homes to veterans with no mortgage. Some of these homes have special equipment to help the injured veterans. Another organization is U.S.O. This group provides entertainment and care packages for veterans to keep them connected to the people and places they love. The Fisher House Foundation is best known for a network of homes where families of troops can stay for free while a loved one receives treatment.

Hopefully, I was able to help you today to learn more how you can show your love and support for our veterans and their families. Think about what they do for you, your family and our country. You enjoy freedom because of them. Don’t forget to donate money to support their needs and volunteer your services. WE LOVE OUR VETERANS!


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