4 DAYS IN BARCELONA the city of food

Barcelona a 24 - 7 city with food at its heart

From fresh food markets to restaurants to little corner cafes, Barcelona is a city that puts its food at the heart of the city. Whether you're looking for Michelin star restaurants or that little place to eat the most traditional Catalán food there is definitely something for everyone in this lively city.

Traditional Spanish Ham (top left) - Santa Caterina Market (lower left) - Boguería Market (right)

Some people travel to see the sights or go shopping, I travel to eat! I love to check out the food of the place I'm in, it says so much about the culture of that country. Barcelona is one of those places that is proud of their food and only the best goes in anything they cook.

People's life go around food, what they eat, what they're going to eat or what they're cooking and everything is documented on Instagram. Is strange, you rarely see people posting about cloths, cars or any other thing in life apart from food, reviewing the latest food shack or posting about that recipe they saw somewhere.

Barcelona like many places in Spain lives on fish and seafood, every market you go has many fishmonger stalls all with the freshest fish and seafood.

Of course meat is also important, as cheeses, but whatever you eat in Barcelona is GOOD, it is REALLY GOOD! Better if I may say than any other place I've eaten in Spain, even Madrid.

Of course we visited the touristy places like La Sagrada Familia and Plaza Cataluña, but honestly, I think we were the only tourists that stayed no more than 5 minutes and left because we wanted to go to Santa Caterina Market.

Black ostrich egg (top left) - Little restaurant somewhere in the centre (lower left) - Eating at the market (right)

In the markets you not only buy your fresh food but you can also enjoy little eating places where to get some tapas and Barcelona's traditional beer Estrella Damm.

If you're looking for a foodie city to go to, Barcelona is a good option you won't regret it! Just bear in mind it is as expensive as London.


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