Theology of the Body Valeria Ordonez, Alexandra Noguerio, Emily Sire

What is the Theology of the Body?

The “Theology of the Body” is St. John Paul II's integrated vision of the human person. The human body has a specific meaning, making visible an invisible reality, and is capable of revealing answers regarding fundamental questions about us and our lives:

Contrast/compare the message of TOB with popular culture concept of human sexuality.

In today's culture sex is a very common thing and it's everywhere. And in the church to them it's not a thing that should happen often.

Take three male/female differences and explain.

Males don't over think things

Males are less likely to talk about their feelings

Males are more sexual

Females are more careing

Females talk about everything

Females think about every situation

How do these differences help you understand more what it means to be male, to be female?

These differences help understand more what it means to be male / female because it gives insights on their mentality.

What are your "realistic" expectations for how males and females should behave on a date?

My realistic expectations on how males and females should behave on a date, specifically a first date, is that they should both be respectful of each other and not rush into things. Maybe kiss depending on how close they previously were with each other.

Include your 10 Rules for Dating

Talk about each other lives

Never return a call or text immediately

Pay attention to the person your on a date with

Don't wear something to revealing

Don't be secreative about ur relationship

Keep kissing minimal

Never be alone

Be honest with and about your self

Don't play games and be real

Don't go all the way

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