History of the Chicago Blackhawks By brendan lee

I chose this topic because I enjoy playing and watching hockey. I’ve been playing and watching hockey for the past 9 years. I have a great interest for the sport and I love to share great information to others. If you live in Chicago, you must know the history behind the Chicago Blackhawks. They are one of the greatest teams in the NHL and they always will be. They’ve had legendary teams that have gone down in history and will always be remembered.

My end result was very satisfying. Most people who took my survey got most of the answers correct. The question most people got incorrect was who was the all-time leader in points and who is the all-time leader in goals. The other question that people got incorrect was “Who is Mr. Goalie?”. These answers make people educated on the History of the Chicago Blackhawks. Knowing about the history of the Chicago Blackhawks is important if you live in Chicago.

I think that if more people took the survey, I would see better results. If not, at least someone hopefully learned something new about the Blackhawks. My survey consisted of 10 questions total, one being an opinion based question. These were all great questions to inform people about the Blackhawks. Some of them were difficult to answer. I hope people learned more about hockey and the Blackhawks.

Most people answered this question correctly. Three people answered it wrong.

The results were scattered for this question. Each person had a different answer.

These results were also very scattered. Only one person answered this correctly.

These results were 50/50. Half answered correctly.

A lot of people asked me about this question. A lot of people did not know the answer to this.

Only one person had answered this question incorrectly.

Every person answered this question correctly.

The results I collected from this question were very scattered.

Most people answered this question correctly. 70% answered it correctly.

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