Religion By KAElynn, and kiley


Reformation in the early 1500's the people of England all practiced the Roman Catholic religion. The practices of the Catholic religon were questioned during the reformation and the beliefs of man such as German Martin Luther started a new religon called Protestantism.

Protestant church

How important was religion back then? It was very important it was the basis of their society. It was so important that Queen Elizabeth made attendance at church mandatory, even though most people that went to church had to travel very long distances were forced to come, if you didn't come to church you would have to pay the consequences.

Picture of a church back then.

Major religions back in the good ole days, there were only real two major religions back then and they were Catholic, and Protestantism religon. The beliefs in this religion were so strong that it actually led to execution most time for ether side of the religon. It was actually a crime to be a Catholic and there was no legal way to practice the Catholic faith back then.

Picture of Queen Mary

Queen Mary. Queen Mary was Elizabeth's sister but she was a hard Catholic believer and actually persecuted Protestants by buried alive for their beliefs.

Statue of Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth was a Protestant believer who actually restored Protestantism to official religion, she did also believe that Catholics shouldn't have to practice the religon with fear so she created peace.

A picture of a queens crown.

Trying to keep the peace, creating peace wasn't a problem it was keeping the peace that really was a struggle. They were violent clashes between both religions and their followers. So the Queen made several donations to the Catholic's churches which prevented a all out riot.


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