Of Mice and Men by: Ky and Emily

The Dust Bowl was a dust storm where tons of topsoil was blown off of barren lands and caused storm clouds for thousands of miles. The worst effect was in the states of Southeast Colorado, Southwest Kansas, and the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas. It affected the migrant and tenant farmers by raising the rate of joblessness and their farm animals to eat.The dust bowl had destroyed many fields and many farm animals died, so an exodus (a large departure of people) had migrated to California.


Migrant workers are workers who travel to different places to harvest plant when they get ready. Most had difficult situations and hard lives in California similar to the problems they had back home due to California's many struggles.


Tenant farmers live on the land that they farm and work with little to no supervision from the landowner. Most tenant farmers were former slaves. Many tenants had left for better jobs in developing cities. Mexicans came over desperate and looking for jobs and became tenants. Mexican-American were the majority of the tenants.


The Great Depression affected both migrant workers and tenant farmers because of the starvation that swept across the land and a great drought ruined numerous farms and forced another mass migration. The Great Depression was the longest-lasting economic downturn in western history, it occurred from October 29th to 1939. 9,000 banks failed , following stock market crash, are the cause of the Great Depression. People got by during the great depression by doing social activities, watching movies to make the world problems seem not so bad, and they also had to sell a lot of their possessions and sometimes their children.


Problems created by the great depression were increased crime and unemployment, mass migration,bank failures, drought conditions, and drop in birth rates. Black Thursday was the stock market crash of 1929 on October 24th, 1929, It was the most devastating crash in history.


The New Deal is a set of programs created by Franklin D. Roosevelt after being in office in 1933 to help after the tragedy of the Great Depression, it lasted until America went into World War 2 in 1942.


A nice old lady rode out the last and worst duster that rolled through. They stopped at the side of the road in the car until they could see the side of the road for what seemed to her a lifetime. They drove home and when they got out they were so low on oxygen that they could barely stand up. Her husband for the first time didn’t pick his clothes off the floor because they were so dirty.


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