美国情报官员相信,武汉两周内火化了45500具尸体 【中英对照翻译】

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根据Johns Hopkins网页,今天(4/29)显示中共国因CCP病毒感染~84,000人和死亡~4600人。 在全球疫情肆虐下,看看全球的数据,任何有脑子的人都知道中共的数字是假的。 美国大众渐渐了解了中共有多low,连死人的数字都可窜改。 这则消息显示了美国情报局不再偷懒,只靠中共喂料。 我们在2/8的wind.com 卫星云图上看到武汉和重庆的热点https://twitter.com/inteldotwav/status/1226268007661436929?s=21就知道这个不争的事实。 就像文贵先生所言,美国人先相信你,但他开始 发现你说了一个谎,那你是永无翻身之日。 最近由于假数据,假口罩,假消息,不只美,加,欧洲各国也渐渐了解中共的谎言,现在连非洲也开始看出这只黄鼠狼。 全球灭共一切都已经开始了。

US Intel Officials Believe 45,500 Corpses Were Incinerated In One Fortnight In Wuhan


US intelligence officials believe that the true scale of China's coronavirus outbreak is at least FIFTY times worse than the communist state is admitting to, and that 60,000 dead bodies per month could have been processed by the funeral homes in Wuhan.


Speaking with Fox News, a Trump administration official said that "PRC numbers as reported today seem to be arithmetically impossible."

福克斯新闻提到,一位特朗普政府官员称 "中共目前公布的数字按照数学逻辑根本不可能"。

"Again, we don't know the real numbers today, but we do know the about 80,000 infections and 4,000 deaths as reported by the Chinese Communist Party propaganda are not even remotely close," the official added.

"官员补充道, "我们不知道今天的的真实数字,但我们知道中共宣传里的8万人感染和4万人死亡要远远远远远对真实情况。 "

It is believed that US intelligence has in its possession satellite images showing funeral homes in Wuhan overwhelmed by dead bodies. Officials believe that incinerators have been in constant use for 24 hours a day since the outbreak began.

美国情报部门的卫星图像显示,武汉的火葬场都被尸体淹没。 官员们相信,自疫情爆发以来,那里的焚化炉一天24小时不停的工作。

The intelligence sources have noted that in a two week period between March 23 and April 4, over 500 urns were delivered to Wuhan families every day, which equates roughly to one urn per minute.


US intelligence therefore calculates a conservative estimate of 45,500 corpses having been incinerated during this time.


The figure jives with estimates highlighted by The Washington Post earlier this month.


Intelligence officials have known for some time that China is lying about the true extent of cases and deaths inside its borders, calling CCP figures "fake".


The UK government has removed China's numbers from its coronavirus spread comparison list, because it is certain they have no relation to the truth.

A recent estimation of the true death toll, released by The American Enterprise Institute suggested that China must have had at least 2.9 million cases outside the Hubei province and that the total number of deaths is likely well over 100,000.

The study also noted that China is capable of hiding millions of deaths because of it's size and population.

英国政府已将中共数字从其冠状病毒传播比较列表中删除,因为可以确定它们豪无真实可言。 美国企业研究所最新发布关于真实死亡人数的估算显示,中共在湖北省以外至少有290万确诊病例,而死亡总数可能远远超过10万。

"Chinese respiratory illnesses of all kinds could easily exceed 100 million, hiding 2.9 million COVID-19 cases, " the report noted, concluding that:


"In a typical three-month period in ex-Hubei China before COVID-19, nearly 2.5 million people died. Even that many deaths would be easily obscured."

"在CCP病毒爆发的前三个月 ,湖北以外的中共有近250万人死亡。 即使这么多死亡也很容易被掩盖。 "

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