Kudos to Libellule A Hands-On Training Academy That Works

Libellule Training Academy (LTA) is a Light for Living International Ministries (LIFLIM) and Frontier Projects sponsored program that started this past January. The program’s intent is to rehabilitate families and support children back into their homes. The program provides parents with social and community support, including vocational training for themselves and educational opportunities for their children. It was determined that the children of Love Community Home would be better off living with their parents. Work was done on their homes to ensure the safety and well being of each child before their return.

Mothers, Lunize and Margaret

Now that Libellule Training Academy is running, a group of mothers and former young adults who once lived at LCH attend class two times a week from 9am - 1pm. During these times, the students are currently learning jewelry making for different cultural markets as well as how to market and sell their products to each of the intended markets. They receive breakfast and lunch each day of class, a stipend which is put into their own micro finance accounts and a monthly food package to support their families.

Students learning to make paper beads

It has been a powerful month for the academy as the students have produced a multitude of bracelets and earrings of different types and colors. They have dived into the beauty of recycled jewelry and the students have begun to make their own beads from paper and cardboard. They have really honed in on marketing techniques and tactics. The students have worked on improvisations and practiced working in the market. This month, they have also retrained and re-identified their core values as a group and how they can work together to make the program beneficial to each student. Every morning they pray and sing together to become one.

Student, Paul, spray painting a pair of his hand-made recycled earrings

On Tuesday, August 28, 2018, the students, teachers and organizers went on a special field trip to Papillon Enterprises, a similar organization that focuses on teaching sustainability to women and men in order to support families through jewelry and craft making. For the most part, other than small things like leather cords which are purchased in the US, the workers at Papillon make all of their product from scratch, including the beads that they use to create their jewelry.

Students admiring the Papillon Enterprise gift shop

Every purchase made at Papillon is used to support the cause, whether you shop in the gift shop or at the western style cafe. The Libellule students had the chance to eat at the cafe and were surprised by the food. The menu consists of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, chicken nuggets, jumbo hot dogs, different types of specialty pizzas and an array of fruit smoothies. Far from the food that their used to in their Haitian culture, each of the students ordered a meal and had to at least taste it. The burgers were too dense for most, as the main dish in Haiti is rice or another starchy element, the burgers were too meat heavy, but the experience was meaningful.

Lunch at Papillon Cafe

Sandra, one of the two Libellule teachers explained, “I think the students enjoyed themselves and got something out of the trip.” The students rode together in a tap tap to reach their destination and notebooks and pens were distributed at the front door to Papillon and the students were encouraged to take notes, take pictures, and write down what inspires them. The tour of the premises was positive and promising because the students saw what they could do on a larger scale if they stick to it and continue to work diligently. Their time at Libellule will eventually end, but what they learn and continue to do will potentially support them and their families for a long time to come.

Nhamoi, excited about the day

On Wednesday, August 29, 2018, Pastor Reginald Celestin took the teachers around different parts of Haiti to purchase new beading supplies for their class. Inspired by their experience at Papillon, Phalone and Sandra searched diligently for the materials they could use to make beautiful, western style jewelry to sell in the US, Australia and Canada.

Colorful wrap bracelets designed by LTA students

In the coming weeks, the students will incorporate new designs into their jewelry making and will determine a set marketing plan, prices and goal for their products. They will receive LTA ID cards and T-shirt’s to add a professional touch to their ministry. After the jewelry making portion of training is complete, the next task will be sewing, and the training center will focus on money management.

Teacher, Sandra, giving a demonstration during class

To all of you that help to support Libellule Training Center and Love Family Homes monthly, we thank you for your support and we appreciate all that you do for our families. This vision is constantly growing and working to change the lives of so many. If you would like to radically impact the lives of an entire family by sponsoring a parent into Libellule Training Academy, please click the link below.

LIFLIM, Frontier Projects and Love Family Homes families at the Libellule Training Center Launch Dinner

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