Norwalk Juicers Developed by Dr. Norman Walker

The Norwalk Junior (left) Norwalk Juicers, model 290 (current)
"I know that if I do not drink a sufficient quantity of fresh-raw vegetable juices, then as likey as not, my full quota of nourishment-ENZYMES is missing from my body."

How about you?

"You, and you alone are responsible for the result of how you nourish your body. the LIFE in your food is what counts."

Dr. Norman Walker

Juice...for Life.

Whats missing in your body?

There's NORWALK, then there's the rest.

"Using Dr. Norman Walkers formulas given entirely as a matter of courtesy by the Norwalk Laboratory of Nutritional Chemistry and Scientific Research for use with special Vegetable Juice Equipment, (Norwalk Juicer). They represent the result of expensive and laborious research by this Laboratory in RAW VEGETABLE JUICE THERAPY."
"It is essential to bear in mind that satisfactory results from the use of these combinations have been obtained with juices made with the Norwalk Juicer utilizing the Electric Triturator (Pulverizer) and Hydraulic Press. Such equipment has been found to extract the Vitamins, Minerals and other Vital Elements from vegetables and fruits and to retain Enzymes more completely than by any other method."
"Bear in mind that the quantity of juices needed by the body is predicated on their quality. Usually it will take a greater amount of juices which have been extracted by centrifugal action to get the results obtaind by juices made with the Triturator (Pulverizer) and Hydraulic Press."

Formulas can be found on pages 80 & 81 in Dr. Norman Walkers book,Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices

Norwalk Triturator, Juice Press with Juice tray
Norwalk Juicer, Model 290
"In the extraction of "complete" juices, it is essential that the fibers be properly triturated (pulverized) in order that the vital elements may be released into the liquid."
"It has been demonstrated by the research of Dr. Norman Walker, one of the pioneers in the reduction of raw vegetables into thier liquid form, that the fibers must be properly triturated (pulverized). The juice must then be expressed from the resultant pulp by a hydraulic pressure. Otherwise, the vitamins, the enzymes, and the entire volume of vital elements of the vegetables are not likely to be found in the juice."
"However, when extracted, the raw vegetable juices are readily and quickly assimilated by the human body. Because the juices are organic or live food, they regenerate the entire body with surprisingly rapid results."

page 11, Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices.

Juice...for Life.
I am ageless
Extracts juice pulp free, without aerating. Gets ALL the health-giving ingredients , vitamins, minerals and other nutrients possible from all fruits and vegetables (including all leafy vegetables), juices may then be refrigerated.
This study indicated that the Norwalk Produces a much greater amount of juice from a given sample than does either of the other juicers. The extremely fine pulp produced by the Norwalk and the very great pressure applied by the hydraulic press would appear to account for the greater yield of juice and the very marked superiority in the extraction of mineral content. Respectfully submitted by Leroy J. Bailey, Chemist

Norwalk Juicers,

assembled in the USA,

since 1934

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