Florida Museum of Natural History Matt hausman

The butterfly exhibit was extraordinary to me. I thought the layout of the exhibit was incredible. The little streams and the bridge made the entire exhibit feel like I was really out in the wild. I feel like at every new turn there was something to be discovered. I learned that everything we do in nature has an effect. For example, the little bananas i the exhibit attracted many butterflies for food. It makes me wonder how much pollution affects our environment. The thing that really made this exhibit so enjoyable for me was seeing the joy it brought to everyone who stepped inside as soon as they saw the butterflies.
Traveling through the museum really gave me an appreciation for nature in our world. As I went through the exhibits, I understand what Leopold was saying about nature. The museum made me realize nature is precious, and everything we do as humans affects it. As I walked through the museum, I felt responsible for everything in this earth. My friend who I was walking with felt the exact same way. We both agreed that nature is such a beautiful, fragile thing in this world. As a result, we must take responsibility for all of our actions so nature stays beautiful.
The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives because it brings to light all the little things we take for granted daily. For example, I see water and butterflies everyday, but at the butterfly exhibit it all looks so beautiful. All of the exhibits show the many mysteries and the magnificent things about the natural world. I think that after I visited this museum, I had a much greater appreciation for the mystery and majesty of the natural world.

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