Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge Postbox Let your furriends know they are loved

Imagine if there was a way to send messages to our furriends over the Rainbow Bridge. A way to tell them how much we missed them, how special they are to us.

Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge Postbox.

This is a special postbox that delivers your messages especially to the Rainbow Bridge. All you have to do is write the message and I will do the rest.

Now, I know you'll be thinking "I wish that was true but I don't live in fairyland." Well, do you know what, we should live in fairyland. Just believe in this. Believe in these three steps with all your heart.

Where to send a message

To see all the messages that have been posted so far scroll to the bottom to the magical slideshow of photos. The reason it's at the bottom is because it goes on furrever.

About me

Hi I'm Chlöe Glow the artist at HappyPawtraits! I'm a cat cuddling, paint splattered day dreamer who just wants to make people happy.

I live by my motto of

The only thing that matters in life is happiness. The happiness of ourself and the happiness of others

So here's my little bubble of happiness. I hope it makes you smile, makes you cry happy tears or brings you some comfort.

Life is so short but it's also long and imagine if we chose to fill it with everything that made us happy. We'd look back and see a life lived with love overflowing with memories bursting with happiness. Of course not everything goes the way we want and everyone has their own struggles and pain but every day we should do something nice for ourselves and for someone else.

Both my furriends Arran and Skye are Guides over the rainbow bridge so rest assured your furriends are in good hands. Though there may be a bit of a trouble as Skye doesn't like sharing chairs.

Wishing you happy days furrever

Love Chlöe xxx


What is the Rainbow Bridge? The Rainbow Bridge is a beautiful place that our furriends go to when they leave earth. They bound over the rainbow and fill the skies with their happy voice as they see all the furriends who had passed before them, here. Any furriends who were injured or sick are healed and run around with vibrant energy. Only happiness exists here. The grass is so green and there is endless food, never ending food and one day we get to go there too and we can hold them in our arms once again and hear them purr or bark or squark against our hearts. Together.

It's a beautiful place 🌈☀️⛅️

What should I say? You can say anything. Ask how they're doing, tell them how you are. Share your favourite memories or what made them special.

What happens to my letters? Your letters are sent via the Rainbow Bridge Post Box to your furriends. Maybe they'll respond in the form of a rainbow. Maybe something happy will happen. Something symbolic to your friendship. They are all posted in the gallery at the bottom of this page.

Can everyone read my letters? Yes, they are posted here and a few on my Instagram HappyPawtraits so anyone can see them. If you would prefer for your letter to remain secret then tell me when you send it and I'll make sure only your furriends can read it.

Anything else? Yes, every so often I will create a pawtrait of one of the furriends and share it on my Instagram. So make sure you share a photo too.

Is it free? Of course! This is my way of giving back to you for all the happiness and love and support.

If it's free then why are you doing this? That's easy, the best things in life are free. As for the idea it all began with the Rainbow bridge page in my colouring book. I draw real instagram pets in a colouring book every year. This time I had two application periods. One for the book and one for a very special Rainbow Bridge Page. I was blown away by the response, I ended up doing a double spread plus a Garden of Paws just so I could fit everyone in, because I really didn't want to leave anyone out.

I was so touched by how much it meant to everyone to be featured in the book. And on one of those special pages I drew a postbox connecting families on earth and over the rainbow. I wished it existed so I decided to create it.

Could I buy a pawtrait of my furriends?  Yay, of course. Simply follow the link below to my website, there you can find links to my Etsy. I have lots of different pawtraits including a special rainbow bridge portrait pack. I always wanted to find the perfect gift to give someone who had lost their furriend so I decided to create that too.

Rainbow Bridge Post Box

Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge Postbox

And here you can find all of the message to our sweet furriends. Scroll through and read the wonderful stories, see their happy faces and let's celebrate their beautiful lives.

©The Rainbow Bridge Postbox is created by Chlöe Glow of HappyPawtraits ©The RainbowBridgePostbox

Contact me - happypawtraits@outlook.com

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Chlöe Glow


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