southern colonies founded in 1633 Davis souther

Thomas jefferson

Thomas jefferson was the third president in the us. in 1774 he wrote a summary view of the rights of british america .all his reputation an his eloquence of his work led to this appointment to write the first draft of the declaration of independence.

Religion of the southern colonies

southern colonies had many different religions mostly the same religions though. most of the people in the southern colonies were baptist.but not all of them were. in the carolinas,virginia and maryland were normally found for havens or catholics

mostly sunny beacause the southern colonies was toward the south.sometimes rainy and high winds because the colonies were toward the ocean and heat. there is a one out of onehundred chance of snow because of the hot weather

so mostly the men did all of the hard work some strong woman did work if strong.woman did all of the cleaning and weaving and also nursing.besides the men the men did all of the hunting and such like choping wood and making fires.


Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "A general map of the southern British colonies, in America" • Jim Linwood - "Gatehouse and Guy's Tower, Warwick Castle, England."

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