Photoshop Topics 3-week course for developing Photoshop skills

This 3-week course will offer hour long guided sessions to help you build your skills along with 'homework' assignments to help you add to the basics. Make sure to join our Slack Channel – this is where you should post your projects and any reflections on those and receive feedback from peers. You can also ask questions in there – make sure to tag me so I get a notification.

11-12 Monday 3/16, 3/23 and 3/30

Week 1

This week is all about learning to correct color and tone.

Project 1: Image Correction

Pick your favorite edit to upload - post the image, tell us what you did and why you like it in the Slack channel. What parts of the assignment did you struggle with? How did you amaze yourself? What are you imagining creating next?

Optional Homework: Additional edits

At the end of Assignment 1, find instructions to edit four additional photos from the assignment files. Experiment with these photos or other images, experimenting with additional layer adjustments.

Required Homework

For next week, bring an image of yourself or someone else for the avatar project.

Week 2

Project 2: Make your own avatar

Week 2 will introduce you to creative layers including selections, shapes, brushes and layer modes.

Optional Homework: Experiment more with layers

When you finish the final homework project, post it to our Slack channel. Tell us what you did and what inspired you.

Week 3

This is our 'final project' week. As mentioned, you will probably not be able to complete your final project in the hour time we have.

When you complete your final project, load it to Slack for feedback. How can you use your growing Photoshop skills next?

Created By
Heather Lawrenz