ABC'S of Africa By Riley Little

A- Africa- The second largest continent in the world, located South of Europe. Was once part of a super continent with the name of Pangea, which shaped the current landscape of the world.

B- Berbers- Descendants of the pre-Arab people. These people live in small scattered communities across Africa.

C- Constitutional Democracy - South Africa's government is this. Built on the three- tier system. Independent judiciary, parliament, and legislative authority.

D- Dance- Dancers use symbolic gestures, masks, costumes, body paintings, and props to communicate. Dance is used to show emotion.

E- Equator- Africa sits directly on the Equator. This placement causes hot weather but also tropical weather.

F- Fang- People with good fighting techniques. The conquered many other tribes. These people make up 80%of the Gabonese population.

G- Gold- Ghana is one of the top gold producing countries. Africa produces up to 30% of gold global production.

H- Harambee- The idea of lending a helping hand common in Kenya. People donate to friends and neighbors because they know they will one day need help.

I- Islam- This religion is monotheistic. 48% of Africa is Islamic.

J- Jade- A pretty green or teal crystal that is mined up in South Africa.

K- Mount Kilimanjaro- Africa's highest mountain at 19,341 feet tall. It is actually a giant stratovolcano that began forming about a million years ago. It is built up of Ash and hardened lava.

L- Lablabi- A Tunisian dish based on chick peas in a thin garlic and cumin flavored soup. Served over small pieces of stale, crusty bread.

M- Masai- These people live in East Africa, in southern Kenya along the Great Rift Valley. The people are semi- nomadic who lived under communal land management.

N- Nile River- Largest river in the world, stretching about 4,132 miles long. It is made up of three principal streams called, The White Nile, Blue Nile, and Atbara.

O-Oil- Nearly 80% of oil comes from Africa. Africa is home to the top 30 oil producing countries.

P- Paleontology- South Africa is one of the world's richest hominid fossil sights, showing evidence of human revaluation. About 950 fossil specimens have been found there.

Q-Quran- A religious Islam book that tells the Muslims laws and commands. This book also contains a religious philosophy.

R- Republic- South Africa is a republic. It was internationally recognized existence began with the Sand River Convection in 1852.

S-Salt- People in Africa valued salt more than gold. People in Africa traded gold for salt, which has connected two very different cultures.

T-Tutsi- An African tribe that first penetrated the land in the 14-15th century. These people entered the the northeast searching for new range lands.

U-Udu- An African idiophone. Made from a traditional water jug.

V- Victoria Lake- The largest lake in the continent of Africa. The lakes greatest length from North to South is 210 miles.

W-Wolof- These people are an ethnic group who speak the wolof language. These people make up 16% of Gambia's population.

X-Xenophobia- This is the fear of anything foreign or different. Such as people or objects. These attacks can become violent.

Y-Yao- Bantu speaking people. These people traded slaves.

Z-Zulu- These people speak the kwazulu language. They are best known for there bead work and basketry.

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