Why are mosquito bites so itchy? By:Achala

“Why are mosquito bites so itchy” Achala always wondered, but then she finally got an answer. “Did you know that it is their saliva that makes us itchy.”If you want to learn more about this gross terrible looking creatures read more of this article to find out.

What might mosquitoes bite us?

According to articles.mercola.com. Since female mosquitoes bite in order to lay their eggs ,they have to drink our blood.Our blood has protein in it .They especially love blood type O. At this point you are probably wondering what blood type you are. Zav and I found a link that tells you what your blood type is. If you want click the link below press start and finish the survey and once you finish on the very top it will say what blood type you are. Which is good for the babies. Also if your blood is sweet they will get attracted to you,or a reason why they might be attracted to you is because your sweaty. Mosquitoes love sweat, or it is because you are wearing perfume they especially love floral perfume.If you are wearing black it causes more heat ,which causes more sweat. This all means that if you have any of these things on then you will attract mosquitoes.


Mosquito Eggs

Why might some people get bitten more often than others?

If you are one of the people who don’t get bitten ,you are probably wondering why they don’t get bitten a lot.That is because you might be sweating something called methylpiperazine, your sweat will not attract mosquitoes methylpiperazine,means something that blocks your sense of smell.Which is why they don’t get bitten a lot.According to Ulrich Bernier an expert about mosquitoes“If you put your hand in a cage of mosquitoes where we have released some of these inhibitors, almost all just sit on the back wall and don't even recognise that the hand is in there.” Which means even if you put your hand in a cage full of mosquitoes they won’t even know you are there and you won’t get bitten.That is because your sweat produces methylpiperazine.

Are mosquito bites bad for us? .

It can be bad if it carries diseases like malaria,dengue fever,chikungunya,and lastly and most importantly zika.But first of all you’re probably wondering what is so bad about this diseases? Well for all these diseases you just get really high fever and you get stomach aches,headaches,vomiting.It is just like a normal flu but worse.And because it is worse than normal fever it is possible to die.But otherwise it is not that bad to get bitten by a mosquito.actually helping them because of giving your blood.

Mosquito Bites

What happens inside of us when we get bitten by a mosquito?

Did you know that when mosquitoes bite you they not only suck your blood but also play around with our blood vessels.But sometimes when they are playing with our blood vessels they might not even knows that it might collapse and rupture, to suddenly burst.And when it ruptures there is like a swimming pool of blood.Which means there is blood surrounding everywhere.If your blood vessels rupture it is really bad because it can cause your eye to start bleeding,and it is very very painful.

What makes our blood so sweet?

There is sugar in our blood which is sweet and will attract mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes bites are itchy because of their saliva. When they suck your blood they not only suck your blood but also play around with your blood vessels and sometimes without even knowing your blood vessels might rupture.So when ever you get itchy because of mosquito you know why it is itchy.Whenever you get bitten try to imagine what happens inside your body when this happens.



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