Jeremy J. Stuart Ministry portfolio


Welcome to my ministry portfolio! I am a current student at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), anticipating graduation in summer 2017. I was born and raised in Massachusetts and have used this last year of seminary to gear up for my ministry goal of planting a church in my home state. I am currently serving as an intern for a church plant in Waltham, Massachusetts. This portfolio contains information about the ministry experience and activities in which I have engaged through my internship and time at DTS.


Ministry Philosophy

Ministry for me is driven by caring leadership and multiplication, particularly through church planting in New England. My top value is care and I am passionate about how that is carried out pastorally. Having been born and raised in Massachusetts, I seek to see such ministry flourish in my home area.

Personal Summary

I grew up in on Cape Cod in Massachusetts in a non-christian family. It wasn’t until I was 23 (July 2009) that I trusted Christ. Before this, my life was dedicated to myself. When I started reading the Bible and believing that it was true, I struggled with a great internal conflict because my life was not in line with what it said. As a pre-med undergraduate student, I was also scared that God would take away my goal of being a medical doctor. It took me a year to finally attend a bible-believing church, where I heard the gospel and trusted Christ. God had changed my desire from medicine to ministry and I would not have it any other way.

My wife’s name is Liana and we met at church on Cape Cod. That day, I was visiting my mom's church where Liana led worship. After hearing her sing, I experienced the closest thing to "love at first sight"—or love at first sound. Sharing a passion for the gospel and Jesus, we bonded quickly and were married two years later in 2012. In 2015, we welcomed the newest addition to our family, Noelle Katharine, and are enjoying the roller-coaster ride of parenting together.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, coffee, and most of all spending time with family, especially my wife and daughter.


Cape Cod Community College. Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts. (05/2007)

University of Massachusetts Amherst. Bachelor of Science in Biology (05/2011)

Dallas Theological Seminary. Master of Theology (In progress: expected 08/2017)

Ministry Experience

Church Planting Intern (09/2016-present)

Seven Mile Road Church (Waltham, MA)

  • Plan and facilitate outreach events
  • Prepare plans for group community service to meet the needs of those in Waltham, including the homeless and youth in need
  • Assist church planter in writing content for new church website/maintaining that website.
  • Assist in all pre-launch/launching activities including the following, church meeting site/building search, volunteer recruitment and coordination, communication and advertising, filling in ministry gaps, and Sunday service organization/order.

Home Group Leader (05/2014-08/2016)

The Village Church (Dallas, TX)

  • Hosted weekly community meetings
  • Wrote content for group Bible Study
  • Executed delegated pastoral responsibilities, including conflict resolution, counseling, and teaching
  • Attended various training events designed to equip shepherds

Worship Team Administrator (01/2013-06/2013)

Faith Baptist Church (Osterville, MA)

  • Developed policies and practices for new worship team
  • Scheduled volunteers
  • Planned rehearsal and meeting times
  • Assisted worship director with song choice and arrangements
  • Assisted pastor with liturgy organization
  • Led worship as vocalist

Worship Team Vocalist (11/2010-05/2012)

Cape Cod Church (Falmouth, MA)

  • Led worship as vocalist
  • Participated in choir events as soloist

Work Experience

Corporate Travel Specialist (09/2016-present)

Savoya (Dallas, TX)

  • Manage ground transportation logistics for high level executives
  • Create reservations for airport transfers and hourly trips
  • Resolve any logistical issues that occur
  • Ensure customer satisfaction

Administrative Assistant III (Office Manager & Data Analyst) (07/2013-07/2016)

Dallas Theological Seminary (Dallas, TX)

  • Managed Registrar’s Office
  • Distributed work to office personnel
  • Worked with student database to maintain records, enter data, and run enrollment reports for departments
  • Assisted in construction of course schedule
  • Answered calls and emails from students
  • Assisted with graduation events

Custom Pharmacy Manager (03/2011-06/2013)

Crane Herb Company (Mashpee, MA)

  • Supervised laboratory
  • Advertised with practitioners,
  • Trained customers
  • Handled customer service issues over the phone,
  • Maintained practitioner database and master control documents
  • Ensured the implementation of standard operating procedures
  • Verified quality of final product.


MannaExpress Online: Crossing the Border to Reach Home. March 19, 2016.


Clint Patronella

  • Lead Pastor at Seven Mile Road Waltham
  • 281-685-5732

Sabrina Hopson

  • Associate Registrar at Dallas Theological Seminary
  • 214-887-5350

Bill Egloff

  • Owner at Crane Herb Company
  • 508-539-1700

Additional references can be provided upon request.


The student models servant leadership and equips others in a God-given direction through Christlike character, leadership capability, and love.

Servant Leadership Goal

My initial Servant Leadership goal was to network with other church planters and ministers in the Greater Boston area.


1. Contact local leaders

2. Attend meetings that would normally be attended by my mentor


1. My ministry mentor is well-connected and served as a helpful resource

2. North American Mission Board is a tight network and served as a connection resource


The measure of reaching this goal was to meet with at least five local leaders and have conversations with them. This was achieved in March 2016.

Overall Reflection Statement

For my competence in servant leadership, I am submitting links to the leadership pages of each church leader with whom I've met. The diversity and number of leaders I have met with demonstrates competence in servant leadership in that it shows I am able to learn from those who have gone before me. Not only that, but it demonstrates that I have networked with others and have formed the foundation of helpful relationships with other leaders that will benefit church planting efforts and leadership effectiveness in the future. I have gleaned much from meeting with these leaders and look forward to continuing our relationships.


  1. Genesis Church, Woburn, MA. I met with Mike Davis (Lead Pastor) and Kendall Lankford (Discipleship). We discussed church planting in New England and leadership.
  2. The River Church, Waltham, MA. I met with Sean Richmond (Lead Pastor), John Prickett (Associate), and Brendon Hollingsworth (Associate). I have met with these men on multiple occasions. We have prayed for our city, I have heard of their church planting story and learned more about the Antioch network of churches.
  3. MileStone Church, Natick, MA. I met with Jay Mudd (Lead Pastor) and Eric Wyatt (Operations). I have shared a meal with these two and learned much about outreach and serving in the local context.
  4. SEND Network Boston. I have met with David Butler, the SEND city director for NAMB's local Boston network. I have spoken to him on several occasions. He has been pivotal to my internship and has been a great resource on church planting in Massachusetts. He has been a big factor in connecting me to local leaders.
  5. Seven Mile Road, Melrose, MA. I have met with Matt Kruse (Lead Pastor) repeatedly and currently sit under a leadership development program that he co-leads with Executive Pastor, Justin Gottlieb. I have learned the much about pastoral leadership and the reality of shepherding God's people from Matt and Justin.

Learning Reflection

As I developed and demonstrated servant leadership, I have learned that I am still passionate about caring for God's church and multiplying his movement through church planting. In the leadership track mentioned above, we covered everything from general calling, to conflict resolution, to finances. I have learned that I need to push further for a gospel resolution in conflict and my habit is to simply stop the conflict, without taking the next step to resolve it. I have learned from people that many of leaders are passionate about helping others who are trying to lead and that occasionally there will be encounters with a few who are not. I have learned that ministry is difficult, sacrificial, and rewarding work and that it is vastly different from the 9-5 jobs I have been used to. I learned that God is faithful and he loves his people. He will continue to sustain me and teach me, equipping me to care for his people.

Lifelong Development Statement

As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop in servant leadership by acting on the things I have learned. The area mentioned above includes improving in conflict resolution. I hope to develop my skills in resolving personal conflict in a healthy way, thereby serving those around me and living out the unity of the church that Jesus himself prayed for. I also hope to be a willing resource for those who hope to learn from me and keep my calendar and doors open to meeting with those starting out in ministry or leadership.


The student is able to persuade others with respect to biblical and theological truth through oral, written, and electronic media.

Communication Goal

My initial goal was to gain public speaking experience through preaching. It turned out that this goal was not entirely realistic, given that the church I am helping to plant does not hold a Sunday service yet. Therefore, rather than adding to my already full plate, I have adjusted my goal to be in communication through written word and small group context.


  1. Work in consultation with my ministry mentor for opportunities to write
  2. Work in consultation with mentor for opportunities to teach small group


  1. Our church plant was in need of a website which required a lot of written material
  2. Our church plant meets as a small group bi-weekly which provided a venue for small group teaching
  3. Our church plant has mission oriented Core Team meetings, which has provided another venue for communication through written word.


  1. To have written a significant portion of the webpage material (12/2016)
  2. To have led a small group session (03/2016)
  3. To have collaborated on material for Core Team meetings (5/2016)

Overall Reaction Statement

For my competence in communication, I am submitting a link to the church webpage on which I collaborated. The link is to a specific page that I wrote. I am also submitting a picture of our small group and a link to Core Team Materials I helped to write, including a prayer guide specifically written by me. These demonstrate that I have learned how to author content for a church website, experienced teaching a small group in the church plant context, and have written mission oriented materials for a church planting core team, in collaboration with my ministry mentor. These demonstrate my communication growth, ability, and experience.


  1. What is the Gospel? Written for Seven Mile Road Waltham's website as a means to share the gospel in the context of New England where biblical literacy is at an all time low. I have written this portion, but I have also had an editorial and contributing role for all of the website.
  2. Prayer Guide for SMR Waltham Core Team Meeting #1, written exclusively by me. Also, Profiles of Waltham, a collaboration between me and my ministry mentor, Clint Patronella. These were designed to communicate the need for awareness and impart knowledge about our local context and those to whom we wish to minister as a team.
  3. Photo below of Small Group:

Learning Reflection

During the course of my internship and my time at DTS, I have learned a lot about communication. As I stated above, my communication goal was originally to gain more experience in preaching, but this phase of work did not lend itself to it. However, there was no shortage of opportunities to refine my communication skills for ministry. During this internship I realized that I could use my gifting to minister to others. I have been told before that I am a good writer and my IDAK indicates that I work well as a writer and in familiar small groups. This year has been my chance to really go for it with these strengths and see how my work can assist someone with complementary gifting (ministry mentor) and can be used to reach the lost. Preaching will come later, namely, this coming year as we start Sunday service.

Lifelong Development Statement

Throughout my life, I hope to continue to develop my skills in communication. Communication is imperative when it comes to ministry. There is so much to be communicated when it comes to the gospel and biblical truth and how one does that is important, too. I hope to continue to lean in on my strengths that I know I have, writing, small group communication. Along with that, I hope to develop and hone new types of communication, particularly preaching. I know that I do not have to be an amazing preacher, but I would like to be able to preach a valuable sermon to a congregation. I am confident that in this next year and the years to come that I will continue to develop my communication strengths and continue to slide into the groove that best suits my abilities for the purpose of God's glory and the good of others.


The student demonstrates appreciation for the many dimensions of ongoing public square and global conversations related to social, cultural, religious, biblical, and theological concerns, and develops a biblical Christian perspective that results in knowledgeable, compassionate dialogue with appropriate evangelistic engagement.

Cultural Engagement Goal

My Cultural Engagement goal was to minister to the homeless population of Waltham, MA.


My strategy for this goal was simply to research local non-profits and get in touch with those who have already established a presence in the city and are already serving the homeless well.


Google was a great resource, enabling me to search for what was happening already in Waltham. The best resource has been the Community Day Center in Waltham. They are a non-profit that serves that homeless and have provided a great outlet for service and have been a subject matter expert on what that looks like in Waltham.


  1. To have established a relationship with a non-profit that serves the homeless (10/2016)
  2. To have served the homeless (11/2016)

Overall Reaction Statement

For my competence in cultural engagement, I am submitting two thank you letters from Carolyn, the Executive Director of the Community Day Center in Waltham, MA. These demonstrate the impact through my ministry, the experience I have had as part of a team, serving cross-culturally, and the accomplishment of establishing a relationship with non-profit and serving the homeless. The letter is in reference to our team, of which I am a part. I have played a pivotal role in establishing this relationship for our church, since I researched, initially communicated, and helped cast vision for what our partnership might look like.


  1. Thank you letter from Carolyn at the Community Day Center Waltham. This was after our initial meeting where my ministry mentor and I perceived a need and decided to meet it right away.
  2. Thank you letter from Carolyn for serving breakfast to the homeless the day after Thanksgiving. This letter shows the firming up of our relationship with the Day Center and the impact our service has had on the homeless.

Learning Reflection

As I developed and demonstrated cultural engagement, I have learned that serving the homeless is a struggle for me, but a very worthy ministry. I am one who thinks often of safety and who prefers to stay in situations of comfort and familiarity. Stepping outside of my comfort zone has been eye opening and has helped me gain experience and familiarity in an area of service that was new to me. I learned that homeless people are lonely and underserved. Also, that they are often misjudged as lazy, when many are mentally ill or have suffered extreme trauma. I learned a lot about the homeless population in Waltham and what they need, in terms of ministry. They are desperately in need of the gospel, but also help with mental health. They are in need of resources that will get them through the day. Ultimately, I was made reaffirmed of the fact that God loves them as much as he loves me and there is no difference in how he sees our sin.

Lifelong Development Statement

As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop in cultural engagement by one, maintaining relationships already established and two, going outside of my comfort zone. I would like to continually improve on my proclivity to crave comfort and familiarity. I believe this will only be handled by leaning into the gospel and all God has done for me, along with his love for those who are not like me. I also believe this will take habitual sacrifice of comfort, in the name of ministry to those in need, showing God's love and making him known.


I entered the ThM program prior to 2016 and I am a ThM, General Studies student.


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