A Sit in is where you try to gain equality, if somebody tries to protest in a non-violent way by sitting somewhere they are not allowed and fight back by not attacking back.
Where the 4 African Americans sat in the bar where the Sit-in was happening
Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr, David Richmond were sitting down in a "white area" so they have been attacked because they have not moved they have used......... HOT Coffee pots to throw at them because they didn't move.
They also used force to kick them out by beating them up.
They also yelled at the african americans that were sitting at the tables and also dont forget the spit they also spit in their faces to kick them out of the bar

The four college students sparked national interest in the push for civil rights. So they went through all the pain that took a lot of training for equality for blacks. They did this by not attacking back from getting Assaulted, beat down, coffee thrown at.

They choose this place because that was the best place to stop the segregation. They wanted to go to a happy place to see what they would do.

After this they stopped the segregation and made equally rights for the african americans


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