The Good Life Tour at the Harn Museum

My visit to the Harn Museum was eye-opening, inspiring, and worthwhile. I was able to analyze art pieces from various artist and learned to appreciate such works. In the next few slides I will go through a brief run through of my experience and comment on mediums of the artwork. I will also explain how the design of the museum made my experience more enjoyable. Furthermore, I will discuss how my core values were mirrored in some pieces, and lastly touch on how it all connects back to a theme of focusing on the true important things of life.

At first glance this piece was stunning. It dominated the entire wall and begged for one to stare. Seeing it in person allowed me to examine every crevice and understand that each stitch must have taken a hard's day work. The artist used liquor bottle caps to create this masterpiece by stitching them together with copper wire and this medium made me appreciate the work that much more. Imagine creating a piece this large out of bottle caps! You would have to flatten each cap and then decide how to place them together and so forth. Hence, this piece made me feel more self aware. It was telling me to be more responsible with my resources and know that not everything is trash after being used. The artist was able to take "trash" or the bottle caps and turn them into a real beauty.

The design of the museum made my visit more enjoyable and facilitated the tour all together. There were separate wings that divided different collections. The wing depicted above contained photography pieces of Frida Kahlo, along with works from other artists. However, the lighting on each piece made it more vivid it was as if the light was perfectly placed so that it would further illuminate every stroke, color, and detail. The arrangement too, added to the awe because every piece was spaced out uniformly. The room was large and full with so many pieces but did not looked cluttered because each was spaced out perfectly. Therefore, it made me feel a sense of organization and ease.

This piece by George Grosz entitled, Manhattan, depicts the beautiful city and an endless skyline. In my opinion, Grosz wanted people to focus on the grandeur and beauty of the city rather than the commercial activity or endless traffic. Thus, it reinforces the notion that one needs to focus on the important things of life and not so much the minuscule things that seem to bother and upset us daily. Focusing on the wonders and endless skylines should show us to appreciate what we have just a bit more. To live in gratitude because we have roofs over our heads, cars to create traffic with and so forth. We must remember that in order to seek the Good life one must stay focused on the positives.

The African collection emphasized the importance of one of my core values being the culture of my people and how I am proud to be Mexican. Although, it was not my specific culture on display I was still able to find similarities between my people and the African people. For instance, the garments the shown above were as decorative and festive as some garments my people wore and wear today. Being Mexican is a great part of who I am and remembering where one comes from is most definitely imperative. So, I am glad I stopped by for a visit at the Harn because this collection reminded me to be proud and to further embrace my origins.

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