It All Began in a Garden - Happy Valley Lavender and Herbs near Metchosin B.C.

While visiting family near Metchosin, my sister in law offered to call and ask permission to visit these lovely gardens. It is a commercial operation (if anything this beautiful could be called commercial) and not open to the public at regular hours but they do welcome visitors when they are able. I am so grateful to Ruth for having suggested we visit - it was well worthwhile.

You might expect to see nothing but lavender beds but this garden is much more than that. There are a number of other gardens to enjoy in addition to the lovely lavender.

The dahlias were quite beautiful
The sweet peas smelled so sweet
Some gardens were full to overflowing.
What a lovely place to sit and enjoy your surroundings
The succulents were simply luscious

And then there was the lavender

We arrived early and the bees that worked late the night before had gone into a dormant state - as the sun warmed them, they resumed their work seemingly unaware of the change of day.
Although the main harvest was finished, there was plenty to keep them busy.

Look closely and you will see more than traditional lavender beds.

I enjoyed the juxtapositions in the gardens of the formal trimmed hedge with obelisk and the informal old stove with kettle.

This charming fellow directed us to the forest garden - off the beaten track.

This wonderful fountain was created from old sprinkler heads
and these oversized mushrooms were recycled from fallen trees.
Recycle - Reuse - Repurpose and enjoy

The gardens have a little bit of everything - especially - love.

Gardens usually have a cat on mouse patrol. This fellow was more of a security cat. He came to check us out when we arrived, came by several times during our visit to see what we were up to and escorted us to the gate when we left. He took his job seriously.

Don't mess with this cat was the message these eyes sent.

And if you get the feeling someone or something is watching you it might not only be the guard cat. It might be something else indeed.

The garden in also home to the Happy Valley Croquet Club - I'd join just for spend time here every week

I'm sure there are large commercial lavender farms that automate harvesting the crop but I was glad to see this farm prefers to do it the old fashioned way. The brains of the operation was personally harvesting lavender for a brides bouquet and table decor to be used later in the day.

Until we can visit places like this again, I hope this has brought you some pleasure.

Created By
Cathy Bennington


C.J. Bennington Fine Art Photography