Moments with Trees October (2018)

Moments with leaves falling from the trees
Big thank you National Lottery players!

It's been a marvellous month for the Moments with Trees project! We held four Tree Hunt and Broomstick events across four locations in the Park and made broomsticks with nearly 60 children. We started uncovering the hidden tree avenue with super teams from BGL, Perkins and YBS. We cared for the Native Tree Trail with our Friends and Family Volunteers and made preparations for the Photography Exhibition that will be installed Thursday 1st November. Thanks for your continue support. Do read on to find out more...


Uncovering a hidden, historical tree avenue - welcome to Sheep Wash Walk

Many of our visitors will recognise the view in the image above. It's a line of black pine and Douglas fir that stand behind the osier bed in Bluebell Wood. These trees are approximately 170 years old, planted by the Fitzwilliam family when they owned the land. From the current path into Bluebell Wood, it looks like a single line of trees, when in fact it is two lines of notable trees forming an avenue. The walkway has not been used for many, many years. It is overgrown with elder, bramble, nettles and the yew and box have spread out in all directions making it inaccessible. We want to uncover this area so our visitors can experience these impressive trees from a different perspective and enjoy an alternative route through the Park.

We are calling the avenue 'Sheep Wash Walk' as we believe the farmer and his sheep would have taken this route after a clean in the neighbouring sheep wash.

Thanks to some hard working teams from BGL, Perkins, YBS and our very own Hit Squad we have made great progress uncovering the walkway.


BGL make a good start

A top team from BGL and Conservation Volunteer, Helen, made a super start - they cleared the way to the avenue's entrance. The area was densely covered with elder and interestingly twisted blackthorns. We found a way in and carefully removed the elder and pruned the blackthorns to open the space and create a pathway to the start of the avenue.

Gary's Hit Squad

This tree-rific team of four cleared dead wood, nettles and lowered tree stumps to improve access to the entrance avenue for the next volunteer team. They don't call them the Hit Squad for nothing!


Trojan Team Perkins!

When we told team Perkins the length of avenue at the beginning of the session, they were determined to get to the end - and they very nearly did! They cleared over 100 metres of thick bramble, nettles and elder and pruned many large yew branches obstructing the route. All the clearing left lots of waste vegetation that was quickly processed and moved to the top of the slopes running alongside the walk way, creating neat and tidy habitat piles. We couldn't believe what you achieved in a day - thank you so much!

They didn't just uncover 170 year old trees, they found old bed posts, Horrel's milk bottles, old hub caps, cats eyes and lots of other interesting rubbish!


We were lucky to have a second BGL team help us this month. They carried on the clearing; negotiating their way through two huge, overgrown yews pruning them as they went. Following their super effort, we reached the end of the avenue.


A lovely team from YBS did the final clearing and broke through to the existing pathway. We now have a walkway with a separate entrance and exit - thank you very much! They also cleared more bramble along the slopes that run alongside the path and broke up large yew limbs so they are easier to transport.


It was great to have a third BGL team attend this month and Conservation Volunteer, Helen, help again too! They were carrying out some 'finishing touches' along the walk - clearing remaining bramble, raking soil, removing hundreds (maybe thousands) of nettle roots and carefully removing box saplings growing along the pathway and replanting them along the sloping sides of the walk.

Future volunteer teams will carry out further finishing touches - removing tree stumps and laying mulch along the pathway.

Friends and Family Volunteering

Our smaller volunteers came to help us care for the trees in the Native Tree Trail. They did an excellent job showing off the crab apple, hornbeam, beech and common and midland hawthorn. Thank you so much!

The next Family and Friends Volunteer session will take place on Sunday 25th November - the weekend of our Christmas Fair.

More Moments with Trees...

Photography Exhibition

We were very excited to receive the boards today! The images look super on the A1 boards. Trees are beautiful and these images show them off so well. Once again, thank you to everyone who sent images in - such a talented bunch! We have given you a little sneaky preview... the image used for the cover of this page was sent in by Anya Wilson.

The Photography Exhibition will be launched Thursday 1st November. The exact location will be confirmed on Twitter @Moments_w_Trees and Nene Park's Facebook page.

As well as excellent photographs, we also received some beautiful paintings from Kate Paskin, talented with the camera and the brush!

Bottom left: Overton Island / Bottom middle: Mr Manintree / Right: Birch


Before the Moments with Trees project began, visitors were asked, "What questions would you like to ask an old tree?" We received some very interesting questions and the Universitree fact sheet answers them. This fact sheet is available to download on the Nene Park website and copies are available in the Visitor Centre and Gift Shop.

Native Tree Trail

Collect a Native Tree Trail and Top Trumps booklet from the Visitor Centre in Ferry Meadows, follow the trail, meet the UK's native trees and learn interesting facts about them. Cut the cards out to create a game of Tree Top Trumps!

Tree ID trails - Woodston Reach and Lynch Wood

Install the TiCL application on your mobile phone (available on Google Play and the App Store), find the Lynch Wood or Woodston Reach Tree ID trail, follow the route, find the trees and learn about the species in the area.

Willow Tunnel and Willow Maze


Tree Hunt and Broomsticks Events

Nearly 60 children joined us for the Tree Hunt and Broomstick events. The witch had lost all her belongings in the trees. Children ran from tree to tree looking for her items. Once found, they used a guide to identify which tree held which item and left a note for our witch to come back later and collect her belongings. After all the hunting and identifying, children made broomsticks.

Peterborough Regional College photography students, Holly, Hana, Saffron and Morgan, came to capture the events. Thank you for your excellent photographs!

Woodston Reach

Thorpe Meadows

Bluebell Wood

Ham Mere

Branching Out

Hampton Hargate

Key stage one children at Hampton Hargate were fascinated with how their Park was created and the year one children enjoyed exploring tree parts and identifying trees in their forest school area.

All the Moments with Trees events, past and future, are free of charge and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (a big thanks to HLF and all National Lottery players).

Thank you!

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Thank you - it's great to have your support for the project!


Page Cover: Anya Wilson (AJA Photography)

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