Ben Jonson By Gabriel guertin

Ben Jonson

  • Born near or in London in 1567
  • He died on August 6, 1637
  • He spent most of his life in England
  • His father(who was a clergyman) died months before his birth
  • He received an educatoin at a private school in St. Martin's Church and at Westminster
  • his life was/strenuous (due to fights w/ gov b/c satire) and varied b/c he was a poet/brick layer/soldier/play write/wrote many pieces
  • Some of the pieces he made include: Every Man in His Humor, Every Man out of His Humor and Cynthia's Revels
  • His patreons were a theater group called the Lord Chamberlain's Men
  • My author is connected to many isms but some of the most prominent are Secularism and humanism based on were the focus of the pieces are
  • As with Every Man out of His Humor made in 1600
  • this play has been published and republished and I couldn't find the original
  • The piece was well thought out and must have taken months to create. It also had satirical references to the modern world. The piece stretches several pages but he committed himself to the creation of it.
  • This peices is based in secularism because it was a comedy the church would be a more serious topic
  • In all honesty I picked this piece out of a list of them and did not have time to read all the way through.

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