Constable & Toop Gareth P. Jones

The first setting is in the ghostly realm were all of the ghost live, and I imagine it to look very see through and kind of blue and white. But I imagine the buildings to look like normal ones for some reason. There is a second setting which is London is the real world, I imagine it to look very dark and gloomy and very snowy based on the cold weather in the book.
The first specific location would be the office space in the dispatch department building. This is the building which handles all of the paper work that comes into the ghost realm. The second specific location would be the house and shop named Constable and Toop. This is where Sam and Mr.Toop live and work.
This takes place in the year 1884, in the winter season in the real world, and in the past. It makes my feel kind of old and I imagine it to be freezing in London during the winter based on the information given in the book.
The geography and climate of my setting is very cold with lots of snow. But the ghost realm doesn't change seasons and it looks very modern in the ghost realm in guessing. But London looks very much like the setting of the first captain America movie.
The population of both the ghostly realm and the real world are both very populated places. If I was a human in the real world then I would feel like I would be walking through the streets of New York. In the ghost real I would feel almost the same, but just a little more comfortable.
Some of the objects that time stamp the story is the fact that there were detectives that look like Sherlock Homes. The clothing is also very old as people would always wear suits and they talked very different from the way we talk now.
The overall mood of my book would be bouncy, because of the fact that i changes perspectives every chapter. I would also say it's very anxious because there are a lot of things going on that the same time fore each character and it kind of gets my curious to the the outcomes.
The setting of it mostly being night in the real world gives it kind of a dark and gloomy place with a lot of character. The ghost realm kind of does nothing to the ghost realm other than the fact that it makes the book sound unique and different. The setting of night also gives a great background to the story.


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