Jeremiah Clothing

"The past always lived with the future in mind and the future is best lived in the spirit of the past.”

Tim Wu, Founder of Jeremiah

The roots of Jeremiah Clothing are found in the great American story of adventure and discovery. Born with a high respect for where we came from, a commitment to where we are today, and a steadfast pursuit of our future destination.

Always keeping to a synergistic blend of the rugged and the new, our products are constantly evolving, staying true to our beliefs and at the same time remaining relevant to the culture and market. Our latest designs reflects that ethos of pushing beyond what is traditional and familiar with an innovative and modern approach to details, fabrics and styling. Since 2008, Jeremiah embodies the best in comfort and style with thoughtful design and construction.

Recently, Jeremiah introduced their latest offering XPLR, a capsule of touring, traveling, and trekking inspired goods. More function with a modern, understated style.

The Jeremiah Story

Jeremiah Clothing was started by Tim Wu while he was traveling overseas 11 years ago. As a then, father of two young girls, he was anxious about their future. He also realized his need for connection to his roots which started with his grandfather’s pilgrimage to America in the early 60s.

The question that resonated with Tim was, “Would I or my kids ever carry on the dream of a better life, the courage to take risks, and the will to work hard for it?"

It was on that trip that Tim wrote in his journal, “The past always lived with the future in mind and the future is best lived in the spirit of the past.” In order to move forward, he had to connect the dots with his heritage. It was that physical and personal journey that gave life to Jeremiah.

“Always remember and appreciate the journey to the destination.”

Tim Wu, Founder of Jeremiah

Founded: Fall 2007

Founder: Tim Wu

Retail: The collection retails for $68 to 198

Where to Find: Online and brick-n-mortar clothing stores such as Nordstrom.com, Bombfell.com, Jeremiah.Clothing, specialty stores and boutiques nationwide.

Demographic: Jeremiah is targeted to modern, fashion conscious, 20-to-50-year old men.


626-593-9018 | media@jeremiah.clothing

Website: Jeremiah.Clothing

Instagram: @jeremiahclothing

Facebook: @jeremiahclothing

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