The Food We Eat Is the food we eat really good for us and if it isn't what do we do to help our health

The food we eat everyday is something that helps everyone to stay stable. Food could be really good for us, but also bad. The reason why it could be bad is that the food we eat could have some substance that could be really bad for out health, a way that could help the substance go away is water. Water helps to take all the bad substance out of our system and help us be healthy.

One day the Scott family went out to the park for a picnic. James and Emma Scott were really happy to go out because they never get spend time with their parents. Their mom brought different types of food and snacks to eat. James was really excited to eat cause he was really hungry, so he started to put everything they brought to eat on his plate. While he was eating his mom started to think that she might had put a lot of vegetable oil on the chicken. She looks it up cause she puts vegetable oil on everything; then she noticed the oil was really bad for them. She rushed to James because he was the one mostly eating everything. She gave James water because she knew it would help take out all the bad substance in his system. James' mom had gave everyone water because she learned that vegetable oil is not the best choice for cooking a heathy meal.

Everyone may think the food they eat is really good, but they might put something in the food that could be bad for our health.

Like many people know vegetable oil is really bad for us, so it is better to not use vegetable oil on our food.

Water could help everyone because as you drink cups of water it will take out the bad substances out of your system and it would help you stay healthy.

Dear Healthy food companies,

I write you this letter to talk to you about healthy food and if people should make sure to watch what they are putting in there food. I learned that food could have some things that could be really bad for us and that it could hurt our health. One thing that I learned is that water helps us take out the bad substance that enters our digestive system. I would like to know if you know any other things that could be good for us, and if there is anything that we should look out for as we cook or eat. I know that everyone should eat healthy and that it would be really good for us. Thank you for your time.

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