The Harn Common Activity Henry Johnson

Medium of Art- Tiangis Aerial Reflex

Melanie Smith's photo of Mexico City utilizes the strengths of photography and blends them with the aspects of surreal paintings. As the piece is simply a photograph at its heart, it holds a well deserved sense of reality that makes its message more real. However, by manipulating the camera lens and via electronic editing, Smith shapes the small corner of urban sprawl into what feels like a large part of a globe, reminding viewers that each portion of the world is someone's whole world.

Museum Design- Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters

Audrey Flak's creates a contemporary version of a god with this piece. Situated centrally twenty yards down the entrance hallway, Flak's goddess beckons with one hand while asking for caution with her raised hand. This provides the first impression of the Harn, an affect museum designers did well to incorporate into their building. It sets the mood for moments of awe and discovery that often come with art, especially the larger pieces that are present in the first room, the most (subjectively) spectacular of which the statue appears to indicate towards with her right hand.

Art and Core Values- Yvonne Jacquette

Jacquette's painting embodies my philosophy of the duality of life. For all good parts of life, there arr dark spots of sadness. For every act of evil, there is an act of kindness. This painting places that idea into a much more commonplace environment, reminding viewers that for for every bright, hustling boulevard there is a quiet corner where one can sit back and watch.

Art and the Good Life- Flying Raven

Edouart Manet's illustration for Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven, in which a man slowly loses his mind over a lost lover and a raven. This painting reminds viewer how key other people are to maintaining a healthy mind. The man would not have been so spooked had he had his lover or simply a friend around to comfort him. Leaving problems to one's self, even a little raven can send one over the edge of despair.

All pictures from Henry Johnson, except for the first image of the Harn's exterior (


Created with images by jared422_80 - "Gainesville - Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art"

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