I'll Take The Dry One. Thanks.

Flip, Flippidy Fliiiiiiiiip........from having a drought, to going to rain overflow (excuse the pun). Its gotten me thinking. What do you use as protective gear for your expensive camera if you shoot in the rain?

As a faithful Nikon user, its sort of my responsibility in a way to ensure I'm aware of whats happening on the scene with regards to the latest greatest. So I'll say it. A lot of te cameras have super cool weather-proofing (more like weather resistance). Its a bunch of plastic. Personally, I once did an overnight timer with my camera. I set the shutter to every second for 3 seconds (if that makes sense?), and wanted to overlay the images for a startrail shot. The skies were clear when I went to bed - and I woke up to a camera where the lens was filled with water and candy floss clouds. My camera was still in working order - but the ISO range went completely whack until it the camera dried out. I think I'm one of the lucky ones though....

Anyway, for underwater photography, I've heard of people cling-wrapping their cameras to get the lens underwater. Special waterproof bags are sold.

I lived in Thailand for a few months, and had a Nikon D3100 with me. There's a festival in Thailand called Song Kran - in essence and a nutshell - its a water fight that will end all water fights with your neighbours. Everyone throws water at everyone else as a sort of "purification ceremony", where the water washes away evil. Supposedly. This lasts for three whole days. So its safe to say it gets wet. So back to my D3100. Amongst all this water - I was carrying my D3100. What did I do? Plastic bag -> cut cut -> wrap wrap. Voila. There was a little peep hole for the lens. My camera got heavy wet. Did it matter? Absolutely not - for the most part, the camer was essentially dry, but was exposed to a lot of moisture. But due to the hot climate, I got sorted pretty quick.

So there we go. Don't go dunking your cameras in the pool. I've been witness to cameras that have had serious water damage. Its sometimes better to just buy a brand new camera - thats how expensive the sensor is. And when complications due to water damage occur, its a never ending story....


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