The Eleventh bolgia Circle eight

The eleventh circle of Hell is for people who have committed the sins of the second circle, lust, but also abused their power, the sin of bolgia eight.

These sinners used their position of power to prey on the people below them and commit adultery.

Their punishment is to be on a narrow bridge over molton sludge filled with phalluses. Demons pursue them and rape them, eventually pushing them off the bridge.

The leader of this circle is Bill Clinton. As president, he had sexual relations with a White House intern; he was also married.

He is housed in this circle with any superior who abused their position to take advantage of or coerce their subordinates into aninappropriate relationship, including teachers who have sex with students, bosses who give promotions for sexual favors, corrections officers or cops who fornicate with prisoners, and many others.

This is all the sinners see as they get molested. The demons converge in multitudes on one sinner and use their claws and teeth to ravage them.

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