Geography of ancient Rome By: Lucy M.

Tyrrhenian Sea

Tyrrhenian Sea: The Tyrrhenian sea was a good place to settle by because it was a good source of food like fish and other sea creatures. The Tyrrhenian sea also proved as a way to protect Rome from invaders (most of the time not all the time). The Tyrrhenian was also an easier way to trade goods with other countries and made travel easier. The government was able to decide what gets traded for what and why, also got to decide whether the fact that another city or country trying to cross the Tyrrhenian was a threat to them.

Tiber River

Tiber River: The Tiber river was a good place to settle by because it provided fresh drinking water. They could also bathe in there and use it for anything else they needed to. Whenever the river overflowed it could make the soil good and better for planting. The water could go into the ground and planting a lot of things and growing a lot of things was good then because they could trade their goods for other goods. The Tiber river provides soil for the government to plant crops to sell and trade that they don't want or have to much of.

Seven Hills

The Seven Hills: The Seven hills were the hills that Rome was built on. They built Rome on the seven hills because they were very steep and that made it easy to attack and defend the city from invaders. When attacking it is easier to run down the hill instead of running up it because of gravity. The Seven hills gives something to plan around when the government is planing attacks or battles.

Rome's Average Monthly Temperatures

Rome's Climate: Rome has a very hot climate. Because of it's hot and dry climate Rome can plant lots of different plants. In the winter it doesn't get very cold but it doe rain a lot. Due to the rain and hot temperature they are able to grow a lot of crops that other countries that are cold or dry don't have, so the government can use the crops they grow to trade the crops they have for crops they don't have.

Map of Rome and the cities around it

Summary: To summarize The Tyrrhenian sea provides food, protection, and travel. The Tiber river provides, fresh water, bathing water, and a water source to use to grow crops. The Seven hills make it easier to attack, defend the city from invaders, and the seven hills gives a lot of different plans of attack. Rome's climate helps them plant different crops than other countries and gives them things to trade for other goods.

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