Sea-horse BY EVALYN

These type of creatures are unfortunately endangered. These beautiful creatures are harmed by humans them selves. People decide to kill these amazing sea-horses. They are mostly harmed because people want their medicinal purposes. These creatures fill the ocean with joy. The ocean won't be the same with out them. So please help these wonderful creatures, now.

You might think that the female sea horse would carry the babies, but it's actually the opposite way round. The male sea-horse can give birth to 200 baby sea-horses in one clutch! They are very similar to the parents but the only difference is the babies are only 1cm long in length!!

Look at them!!

They're so adorable!!!! ;)

I wish I had one!

These little cuties are ENDANGERED! Please help now.


Created with images by ghost of anja - "Seahorse" • Kinchan1 - "Seahorse" • arhnue - "seahorse sea-horse yellow" • arhnue - "seahorse sea-horse hippocampus" • Falashad - "Baby sea horse" • NeilMcCrae - "Online006 Baby Sea Horses 2"

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