Cooperstown Qualification:5 most important impress the coaches.

Have you been struggling recently in baseball? If you have you came to the right place.

Why am I an authority? I am an authority because this year when I tried out for Cooperstown I ended up making the team. I also am I an authority because I have played baseball for 6 years and I also attended many tryouts.

Step1.Make sure you wear the correct clothes-When you go the the tryout you should be wearing baseball pants white or gray depends whether they say to wear gray or white you should show up with your town's baseball hat,you should have a belt on and make sure you tuck in your shirt to look like a ball player.

Step 2.Be nice to the coaches-When you show up make sure you ask the evaluators how they are,and when a ball goes by you should ask to getbit instead of them getting out. Also when they are picking the balls up you should go and help them and they will realize and like you more.

Step 3.Hustle on every play- on every play make sure you use 100% effort. Even if you have no chance of getting it make an attempt and lay out and they will notice that the effort is there. Also when you have to run you should run as hard as you can and don't stop. Lastly if you are starting to do bad keep your head up and continue to use 100 percent effort and they will notice this.

Step 4.Attempt to gain previous knowledge with the evaluators before the tryout-before you go to the tryout try to arrange some one on one lesrsons with these people. These people who evaluate your tryout are usually from pbi. Since there from pbi you can have one on one lessons with these people so that means you can have your guardian schedule some lessons and you can then show off your skills beforehand so if you have a bad tryout they will know that your good from the lessons you had with them.

Step 5.Be nice to the people who are there with you even if you don't like them-they will notice if your a good teammate. So when you're at the tryout make sure your not being rude to your teammates just treat them with respect.

If you follow these steps your chances at making your local Cooperstown team are very high.For example all these steps I listed are great ways for you to kiss up the coaches.

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