How to Choose the Perfect Outfit for Your First Day of Work

I am a total sucker for the excitement that comes along with landing a new job! I love daydreaming about all the new and exciting opportunities. I love meeting the new coworkers, and of course, I love putting together that perfect, first day of work outfit! There is nothing as fresh, exciting and clean as the first outfit you wear on the first day of the job. That outfit that says, "I'm here! This is me and I'm ready to work," all in one! This guideline is designed to give you the confidence to put together that perfect outfit. If you are having troubles feeling confident with your outfit or just simply need some inspiration picking you first day outfit, look no further. We have you covered.


1. Pants or Skirt? First and for most, choose a look. Pants or skirt? I would highly recommend purchasing a very neutral colored bottom, that can be work with multiple tops. After you decide on pants or a skirt, think about the fact that it is much easier to buy cute tops in the future and much harder to find the perfect pair of pants or comfortable skirt. Once you have narrowed down weather you will wear a skirt or pants, we can move onto the next category. Narrowing down a style that expresses you.

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2. What style are you going for? If you had to use a few words to express your current style, what would those be? Active, boho, classic, contemporary, elegant, glamourous, minimal, modern, preppy, sexy, sophisticated or vintage? I think it is important to incorporate these key characteristics that define you, into your work attire. The point of landing your dream job, is not to blend in. Stand out and shine not only with your educational assets and work experience, but with your wardrobe. It is important to work hard and always remain true to yourself. Fashion is such a fun outlet to do this with. After you have defined the style that speaks to you, incorporate that essence into your first day outfit!

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3. Expression: Fun ways to express yourself is through shoes, accessories and handbags. Having a complete first day outfit is in the details. Try bringing fun pops colors and textures into your outfit through your shoes and handbag and remember to finish your look with the perfect accessories. Unifying your look is important. Refer back to those words that describe your current style. I love simple necklaces that can be layered with longer necklaces. Birthstone necklaces are great for a more classic look. Incorporating a minimal hoop earrings into your look, can also be a great piece you can wear with a more dressy or casual look. Also, think about adding a versatile jewelry collection into your wardrobe that can be worn casual or dressy for all of life's occasions.

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I hope this article has helped you gain the confidence to put together the outfit of your dreams, for the first day of work! Creating a new professional look should be fun, creative and expressive! Don't forget to have fun with the process and remember that it's simply about giving others a glimpse as to who you are, through your outfit. The only tips I can give you is to try and think ahead. The first day is 1 or many opportunities to dress with confidence. I will leave you with 3 things; shop versatile, remember to have fun putting together looks, and don't be afraid to have a little personality shine through your work attire!

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