The Plaque Deer 5-Gest By: EVELYN LAZARO, CAILEIGH HENNESSY, DILLON Alicea,Jack Maharaj

I sat there in silence with a stone in my hands.

I carefully carved the eyes and the claws in the ivory.

As I had hoped there were no flaws at all.

I carved it and carved it and carved real nice.

I knew this Plaque Deer would cost a very high price

The deer was posing with a claw on its thigh.

As it was minding its own business just like you and I.

Now in present day Geographers, Historians, Sociologists,

And Archaeologists stand in the middle of central Anatolia.

They are there because they are the social scientists that

Were sent to find an amazing artifact

An artifact called the Furniture Plaque Deer

This artifact was made by a sculptor in Egypt a long time ago

Although he may be gone his art will never be forgotten.

Geographer: Evelyn Lazaro

There are a lot of interesting things in the geography section of the Plaque Deer. For example this artifact was found in modern day Turkey. Even though there is no written proof in any literature that deer was in Egypt. There was a lot of antelope, I believe that antelope was one of their main sources of food at the time. Since I am a geographer, I inferred that they always prized their meals and their meal sources. This is why they made sculptures and cave art. But soon they traded for goodies to modern day Turkey also known as, Acemhöyük in central of Anatolia. The sculpture in cracked by the ears and a little further of the claws of a hawk.

The Egyptians associated with lots of people. They traded with countries that bordered Egypt, like modern day Tnurkey. All they need to do is cross the Mediterranean sea. I infer that during the the ship ride that contained the plaque deer to deliver to Turkey. Turkey is a place where there is rocky mountains and green patches of grass. A place perfect for deer to live on. Egypt is a dry land, like a desert. They had vegetables, and meats to eat. They used specific sharp objects to kill animals.

Historian By: Caileigh Hennessy

The artifact that we have been researching is called a plaque deer. This artifact was originally from Egypt, but was dug up today in the country of Turkey. Today this artifact is displayed in the Metropolitan Museum, and anyone from around the world can go and view it. It was specifically found in Acemhöyük in central of Anatolia. The ancient Egyptians traded with Turkey for gold and silver. They traded the deer with Turkey to get money in return, and this is why this ancient artifact was found in Turkey today. The ears were broken off and the back of this artifact was very cracked. The Egyptians had to use a boat to trade this Plaque Deer with Turkey, and this may have been why it was cracked and broken. Turkey was very far away from Egypt so it must have taken a while to take the plaque to Turkey. Deers were never mentioned in Egyptian literature, but antelopes were definitely important to them. There is lots of causes of past events.

Historians like me use methods like inferring causes of the past, using your own knowledge to do even more research, and thinking about what you are dealing with. For example, when I was researching the furniture plaque deer there was not a lot of information to easily understand, so I had to do more research and infer the causes, according to my research. As a historian I have to do lots of research and think about what I know, from this. By doing that, I understand what more I have to find out and how much I have learned. All of these methods help me and other historians answer questions, that have helped us uncover history.

Sociologist Dillon Alicea

The artifact, Plaque Deer is really interesting. It is originally from Egypt but they found it in Turkey. This piece belongs to a group of five carved ivory plaques probably found at the site of a palace at Acemhöyük in central Anatolia. This is basically telling you that the artifact belonged to Anatolia. Why did Egypt trade Turkey you ask? I think Egypt traded with Turkey because had a lot of rich goods like, Papyrus, Linen, Grain, and Artifacts (sometimes stolen from Pharaoh's' tomb). This means that Egypt most likely traded the artifact Furniture: Plaque Deer for goods and that's why Turkey had The Plaque Deer.

Society has developed because the Egyptians traded and had a way of life and had an organized society because they had a leader that was very organized and they had trading countries that bordered them. I think the Plaque Deer was made for a god, maybe that god was very important and maybe ivory was very rare and very important so that's why it was for a god. They probably ended up trading something with Turkey for the artifact. Turkey must have gave them something very valuable and important for The Egyptians to trade them something so important. People changed overtime because Egypt changed over time because, they had many different leaders and the leaders had many different ideas and inventions.

Archaeologist: Jack Maharaj

Today I'll be teaching you about the artifact, the plaque deer. The first question you may have is, who were these people? These people were egyptians and they traded this with modern day Turkey.These egyptians were people who made priceless artifacts and they can't be replaced. They used artifacts to trade. This artifact was made to be traded with Turkey. It's so valued now that it's worth over 25 million american dollars. When did these people live? These people lived about 1000 BCE to 2000 BCE years ago which was a very long time ago before we even started counting years.

They thought and felt like trading could help there whole community. Which means that they made different sculptures to trade with turkey. They traded the sculptures for many goods. The Plaque Deer was made out ivory, which is a very valuable thing in Egypt. Organiz society because their leaders were very smart and they had really good ideas.



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Although this artifact was called a deer, there is no found literature that ever mentions deers. But there definitely was antalope in Turkey and in Egypt. Who ever had found this artifact may have mistaked it fir a deer at first glance

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